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Fitness Pilates Men on Mats DVDS only £20 + VAt + Postage (originally £35)

Men On Mats 2 DVD and Booklet with Marvin Burton.


After the popularity of the Men on Mats 1 DVD here is the sequel and its a full workout you can do at home and see exactly how it all works.

Lots of unique, functional and inspiring ideas for your Fitness Pilates classes and Male PT clients.
The workout is divided into 4 key stages:

Section 1 focuses on the anterior and posterior lines of the fascia.
Section 2 moves into the lateral facial lines.
Section 3 includes the spiral lines
Section 4 is a flowing routine comprising of all 3  sections. As always, Marvin’s approach  to Fitness Pilates is functional, unique and is appropriate for all levels of participant.
This DVD is a complete workout packed with ideas for your Fitness Pilates class. If you LOVED our Men on Mats series then you will love the follow up DVD.

Click here to see more and purchase the Men On Mats DVD. I am offering the DVD and exercise booklet at the introductory offer today for only £20 + Vat + Postage

To Grab your copy of the Men on Mats DVD and Booklet at the Introductory Price – £20 + Vat + Postage click here

Men On Mats 1 DVD & Work Book


FP_MenOnMats_BookCover copyThe Fitness Pilates Men on Mats Workshop DVD comprises of 2 x DVD PLUS a full colour workbook detailing all of the exercises.

Marvin covers a 4/6 week progressive class format that you can use as a stand alone class or incorporate into your mixed sessions.

This DVD starts at the basics and progresses through different movement patterns, exercises and variations examining common male

weak links in the kinetic chain.

The Men on Mats programmes  takes you through a 6 week progressive plan of testing, mobility, strength and flexibility exercises.

There is no music or choreography. Marv explains everything step by step as this is a workshop DVD.

Week 1 Testing and Observation

Week 2 Upper Body Focus Work

Week 3 Lower Body Focus Work

Week 4 Shoulder and Spine

Week 5 Adding weights

Week 6 Re-observe & track progress

To order the Men on Mats DVD Workshop and Workbook 1 the price is £20 + VAT +P/P Click here to order

We always advertise our products + VAT And + postage as many customer order from around the world so the postage varies, also VAT is not applied in overseas locations and educational establishments so an all in price cannot be advertised as there are different variables depending on where the customers orders from.

VAT in the United Kingdom is applied at 20%

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