This FLiP your Fitness Business DVD will take you through from the ground floor basics to the necessary tools in order to Franchise, Licence and Protect Your Business.

Andrew Crawford firstly leads you through the technical part of FLiping your Business. Although quite technical in detail Andrew simplifies this crucial element for the foundation of the FLiP.

Rachel Holmes will then dissect a recent case study in the UK uaing the same principals as described on this information packed DVD.

Rachel covers useable practical ideas, which were implemented, in order to launch her sucessful KSFL Franchise.

* Importance of Systemisation

* Creating Roadmaps.

* Modes of Training

* Importance of Your branding and it’s protection.

And much much more…………


All you need to do is watch the video, take notes and apply the information.

The information contained in this DVD would take years and years to put together or at incredible expense to hire a mentor and coach to show you exactly how to do it. The information is worth £1000’s.

You have all of the information on a DVD that you can watch and take notes over and over again.

Follow Andrew and Rachel’s clear and concise steps, prepare to put in the ground work, planning and systemisation  and you can FLiP your business exactly as Rachel did.


Order before 12th March and get these amazing bonuses:


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