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September is a fantastic time to stamp your mark in the local community and set up a successful and sustainable community class business.

Rachel shares with you all of her methods, strategies and systems of how to build successful community classes and personal brand.

Listen to the action packed webinars as Rachel talks about hiring space and teaching a wide ranging timetable of busy and lucrative sessions.

No other Presenter or Fitness Business Coach can offer you that level of expertise and experience in community class building.

This 2 part webinar series contains:

  • The 7 golden time slots throughout the day.
  • How to target the right niche for each time slot for maximum attendance.
  • The 3 Stages of PR, Promotion and Marketing for launching your classes.
  • Hiring rooms, space, commercial property, office space and other options.
  • New and Untapped niches, demographics, populations and audiences not been catered for in fitness programmes.
  • Branding your programme.
  • Package your unique programme
  • Payment options and what REALLY works in the community.

Plus tons of insights, advice and how to market your classes.
Webinar 1 runs for 25 minutes
Webinar 2 runs for 31minutes

PLUS Free BONUS for first 15 Customers

FREE 10minute Coaching Call with Rachel Holmes helping your get your community business on track!



The Complete Guide to using Twitter to promote You and Your Fitness Business
Everything you need to know plus video tutorials on how you can unleash the Power of Twitter


  • Does Twitter Baffle you?
  • Are you unsure of How Twitter works?
  • No idea how to get followers?
  • What to tweet about?
  • How to Tweet?
  • Think none of your clients are on Twitter anyway?
  • Think Twitter is another time drain?
  • Think Twitter is like Facebook (Its NOT!)

Don’t get left behind. Twitter is a massive powerhouse network that you can harness to attract new customers and clients, network with local businesses, national and international businesses and brands, attract sponsorship, get feedback and use focus groups to help develop your next classes, products and programs, get free products, network with fitness media and journalists.

The webinars contain:
Explaining how Twitter works in depth.
Business Basics and Your brand.
Discover your Online Business Personality.
@ # ff
The phenomenal Search Twitter feature
How to build lists in Twitter so you only focus on the relevant people.
How to network and engage.
What to Tweet, How to Tweet and when to Tweet
How to automate Twitter so it takes you a few minutes to set up your tweets for the day, week, month.
Get in front of local, national and international businesses and brands.
Attract Sponsorship and free products.
Approach the media and journalists.


Over 3 Hours worth of goldmine information by Rachel Holmes


Only £37 + VAT


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Once you have made your purchse you will receive an email containing the links to all of the webinars. If you are one of the first 15 customers Rachel will contact you to make a coaching call appointment.

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