October Detox Starts Monday 1st – 14th October 2012

Lose 10lbs + in 14 Days Personal coached by Rachel Holmes


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14 Workouts, Daily Audios Support, Education and Motivation


” I will coach and mentor you into the best possible shape in 14 days with cutting edge workouts and new weight loss techniques”



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 Body Redesign & Body Revamp


Join My Kick Start Fat Loss Detox and see for yourself amazing results in 14 Days


Is this you?

  • Suddenly realised that you have gained weight – The weight has crept on and your not too sure how or why.
  • Feel like you have let yourself go due to being busy, stressed, family etc etc
  • You eat “Healthy” 80% of the time but have gained weight and your not too sure how
  • Have stopped exercising due to being busy/stressed or just plain got out of the habit.
  • Used to exercise and train for yourself,  but now have stopped and beat yourself mentally up about not going anymore?
  • Had a baby and the weight isnt coming of – No matter how long ago.
  • Do you keep saying “I’ll get back on it tomorrow”

Do you feel like you need to really get yourself together again – Mentally and Physically?

I can definitely help you with this 17 day Plan  but I need you to confirm the following?

  • You will give it 100%
  • You will do my 10minute workout every day at home?
  • You will take before, during and after pictures so I can completely track your progress and data – This will be private.

If you can honestly say YES  then Ill give you 100% and share with you all of my fatloss and exercise techniques.

If you have seen the before and after pictures of my original KSFL 2012 you know I am completely committed to getting you the best possible results.

So what happens next?

  • Once you sign up you go into my secret FaceBook group – This is where I post all of the information and workouts.
  • I support you every single day with daily videos, motivation and education on why we are doing things in a certain way.
  • We take things one day at a time and we make changes one day at a time.
  • Theres no faddy foods its clean eating and you wont be hungry
  • Every day I will post a new 10minute home workout for you to do with me.
  • I will include lower impact workouts for anyone with knee, hip, back or joint problems.

So what will you be eating?

  • Fresh Healthy Produce – Fish/Meat/Veggies/Eggs
  • Fruit And Herbal Teas
  • Tons of water

Its easy to eat like this when you know how – you dont have to make special meals for you and different for the family – Get them all involved!

So wont I be eating and drinking ( Unless its a cheat meal)

  • No Alcohol for 14 days.
  • Dumping Coffee.
  • No dairy.
  • No Bread.

You may not realise it and think you currently eat “healthy” but you may be addicted to sugar. This could be the totally sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Fresh, Good quality food is the key to crushing this addiction.

You can do that for 14 days…..Right?

I’ll be with you every step of the way, Ill support you and help you but Ill also change the way you think about food. I guarantee you will emerge from this process leaner, positive and happier with yourself than you are today. Some parts will be tough but nothing worthwhile is that easy.


£47 – Working with me personally – Less than the price of a monthly membership.



But I only have limited places so it will be first come first served.


1. I am a Veggie? If you eat eggs and fish you will be fine but if not then this isnt suitable.

2. I have more than 2 stone to lose? No problem this will kick start your fat loss like nothing else

3.I’m really busy – will I have time for this? Its all online as long as you can log into Facebook and can spare 10minutes per day to do the workouts you can do this.

4.I don’t want to create special meals for me and different for my family? Get them involved as well.

5. I’m not fit and I haven’t trained for ages? No problems the workouts are designed with this in mind.

6. Why Facebook Rachel? Because group support will help you and motivate you. Its totally private and only other members of the KSFL group will be able to see the information. Research shows those who lose weight in a group SUCCEED than those who go it alone.


Come on Lets do this together


We spend or lives training and advising our clients and class members on Fitness, Body Shaping, Fat Loss, Heath, Wellness and Lifestyle.

But what about YOUR Body?

Your Fitness Levels?

Your Health, Well – being and Body Image?

Are you hiding away under baggy tops and hoodys?

And when you really think about it, have you lost your body confidence and keep telling yourself your clients are happy seeing a “real” person teaching them.


Secretly would LOVE to be rocking a slimmer, stronger and leaner body?

Has your own training gone out of the window?

Its time for a rethink and make YOUR Body, Fitness and Health a priority once more.

I have updated my original Kick Start Fat Loss Detox Diet that I designed in 2007 this time its:

17Day Detox

17 x 10 Minute Workouts, VLOGs and Motivational Videos to keep you on track

Daily Guidance, Help, Support and Motivation from me via our Secret Support Group.

You can join right away get your shopping list and start to mentally prepare, and then we all start together on Monday 16th July 2012 and finish on Thursday 2nd August 2012

You need to be on Facebook as the support group is run on Facebook. I do not send individual emails all instructions, documents and workouts are posted in the Secret Facebook Group.

Want to  Get Involved?

Its £57 for 17 days

Once you have booked on you join the secret Facebook Group where our community resides. I will coach and mentor you with daily Blogs, Vlogs and Audio Blogs.  I will post a daily 10 minute HIIT Workout that you will do at home and the daily nutrition plan,



The Facebook group will open Friday Evening

LOOK AT THESE INSANE results from KSFL 2012 group 1


Sez Hogan

How KSFL changed my life!
After years of being overweight doing the typical yo yo lose some put more back on, I decided to do Rachel Holmes KSFL two stone plus trial group.
Wow it has turned my attitude to food completely around ! It’s so easy to follow just back to basics clean eating !
I’ve always been a busy person grab a sandwich kind of girl then some toast etc so I did have to get organised but it’s the best thing I’ve done!
Clean eating works !! It’s given me a new love for cooking from scratch really tasty meals and has doubled my energy levels which as someone who suffers from an underactive thyroid is amazing !
In one month of following Rachels KSFL I lost just over a stone and 16.5 inches! 4 off my waist ! I’ve carried on eating like thus (with the odd cheat meal) and I’ve lost a further stone !
The confidence this has given me has inspired me to give up my day job and follow my passion of teaching dance and fitness full time !
The group support you get is second to none and Rachel is always there to answer any questions motivate you through the tough times and generally inspire you!
This is a life changing programme!
Thank you Rachel xx
Sarah Hogan