Rachel Holmes KSFL 28 Day Maintenance and Lifestyle Club

Hello KSFL’ers

Once you have gone through one of the KSFL programmes either with myself or one of my registered KSFL Leaders you are eligible to join the Rachel Holmes KSFL Monthly Maintenance and Lifestyle Club.

What is the KSFL Monthly Maintenance and Lifestyle Club

This is my personal Weightloss, Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle Club where in the next 28 Days I will help coach, educate, inspire and motivate you to obtain, maintain your KSFL dream body and positive mental attitude.

My goal is to help you to feel amazing and  confident from the inside out. Through Videos, Vlogs, Articles and Coaching I will arm you with all the latest Fatloss, Self Development and Self Improvement information.

The Kick Start Fat Loss Program is only the beginning.

YOU know how powerful the KSFL journey as been so far? Continue on this path with and you will be able to conquer anything!

On the KSFL 28 Day Maintenance Club you will get all of the following information.

      • Understand how to reintroduce foods back into your diet.
      • 28 Day Maintenance Plan
      • 21 Day Get Lean or Get Shredded Plan
      • Learn the best ways to enjoy a Cheat Meal without it taking permanent residence on your abs.
      • Stay on the cutting edge of nutrition, fasting and  intermittent fasting – More articles and Updates.
      • Alcohol,  Wines and Spirits – Whats the cleanest drinks to go for for without ruining your nutrition.
      • Beat the Bloat –  A 5 day Emergency Detox – This will run every month and you can follow it at anytime.
      •  New Workouts – A wide variety of new 10 minute home workouts.
      • Access to me and the KSFL Monthly Maintenance SECRET FACEBOOK Page where I  and The Leaders post every day.
      • Video Coaching from Rachel on Mind Set, Positive Mental Attitude,  Making Breakthroughs, Empowerment and Motivation.
      • Confidence and ‘Getting your Mojo Back” Videos, We all need motivating and re-stimulating from time to time.

As a KSFL Monthly Maintenance Member you get £15 discount of any additional KSFL Online Program you may want to join in the future. As I add new programs and Detoxs you will ALWAYS get a £15 discount if you want to jump on board.

The Kick Start Fat Loss Monthly Maintenance & Lifestyle Club is £57 for 28 days and you get constant access to the membership page.

This is a sneak preview of what you will find in the KSFL 28 Day Maintenance Plan  Plan



Sign up for the program and immediately you have will have complete access to the whole content of Month 1 30 days later Month 2 becomes unlocked and 30 days after that Month 3 becomes unlocked. You will be invited to use the secret Facebook group for access to myself and the KSFL Leaders who will help keep you on track.


28 Day KSFL Plan  14 New Workouts

Beat The Bloat Emergency 5 Day Detox

Drinking – How to include Alcohol without it taking up residence on your waist line

Cheat Meal – When to schedule and how often.

The Last 5lbs – A fat loss plan to shift the final, stubborn 5lbs.

Motivation Video – Stuck in a Rut? Rachel will help you find yourself and get your confidence soaring.



Click here to join the club






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