Launching the Kick Start Fat Loss Continuation Club

Opens on Monday 12th March

This is a 14 day maintenance Club is  for anyone who has gone through the KSFL 2012.

The KSFL2012 Maintenance Club is £37 for 14 Days


  • Understand how to reintroduce foods back into your diet.
  • Learn the best ways to enjoy a Cheat Meal.
  • Understand your carb tipping point.
  • Alcohol?  Wines and Spirits – Whats the cleanest drinks to go for for without ruining your nutrition.

The 14 day Maintenance Club continues to educate and inspire you with more information through articles and VLOGs and is designed to incorporate more foods into your diet after KSFL2012 has been completed.

The KSFL2012 MC is a 14 day food planner with daily updates and 8 new High Intensity Workouts plus the support of the closed Facebook Group for group debate and support.

The plan is £37 and is available from Friday.




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