Hi [wlm_firstname]

Welcome to my Monthly Mentoring and Fitness Business Coaching.

You will find Month 1 webinars to go through.

There will be homework to do and videos which you can post in the comments below. I will also be organising monthly webinars for all MM Clients

This is going to be an amazing journey and I cannot wait for us to get started. Remember to use the Facebook page for group support and any questions.

If you already have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube account then please post in the comments you details and I will follow you and add you – If you have as yet signed up for any of those channels dont worry I will be going though them all in depth in Month 1

Please add me as soon as you have all 3 set up 🙂

Facebook RachelHolmes, Fan Page – http://www.Facebook.com/Choreographytogo Facebook.com/FitnessPilates Facebook/RachelHolmesFitness

Twitter – http//:Twitter.com/RachelHolmes Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/RachelLHolmes

Can you email me all of your current working details asap – Heres the kind of details I require to help you move forward:
1. Current overview of how many classes you teach / PT / Style of classes/
2. How many hours you work on your business.
3. Do you have a website.
4. Do you have a client database.
5.What do you want to get out of the MM course?
6. What are your fitness business goals.
7.Where do you want to be in 6 months / 12 months.
8.Do you write a newsletter or articles

Please click on the videos below using the password abc123


use password c2go on the Twitter webinars


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