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Do you want to be Coached and Mentored by me?

New Fitness Business Academy is launched!

But first check we have a fit?

My Intro to Fitness Business Development is the 19 Day Get Your Fitness Business Online Course which is £79

Click here for the details on the Fitness Business Jumpstart Programme

Move onto my most comprehensive training package:

The Rachel Holmes Ultimate Fitness Business Building Coaching Programme

The full package is  NOW £397 initially this whole course WAS £997

After the huge success of my initial Fitness Business & Coaching Programme I  stopped running it due to being so busy with other projects. But, I’m constantly asked about it…. so I am now relaunching, but this time you can access ALL of the videos, webinars and complete content in one go….

You can go through the vast amount of amazing information and start to structure and plan your online and offline fitness business right away. No more waiting for the next weeks content to arrive, you have everything at your fingertips immediately.

I have had amazing success with former students who have used the information and sky rocketed their own businesses. Now its back and available to you at a special discounted rate for this weekend only.

The course originally was 90 days but now you can gain access to everything right away and its your to keep going back to time and time again.

PLUS you get a full coaching call with me personally when you have completed all of the course. Therefore as you go through the information, write down all of your questions and ideas and we can go through them and put your roadmap together.

Here are all of the topics included:

12 Weeks Worth of Webinars and Video

Week 1. How do you start. Where is your business now, where is it going, goal setting, actionplan & roadmap

Week 2. Websites and Membership sites – How to create them and get up and running.

Week 3. Personal Branding – Video Impact How to make your own Video Interviews, You Tube, Downloads This workshops is about how to edit and create your own

videos.Creating Digital Products, Downloads, Videos and DVDS.

Week 4, Blogging, Articles and Writing.

Week 5. Become a Social Media Superstar.

Week 6.Creating Winning Webinars – Setting up successful community Classes.

Week 7. Program Creation – How to create your own unique Fitness Program/ Classes/Bootcamps Employing Staff/Branded/ Franchised Workouts.

Week 8. Outsourcing – Hiring Virtual Assistants.

Week 9.Creating DVDs.

Week 10.Smoke and Mirrors – How to put your business on auto pilot so you don’t have to do everything yourself.

week 11. Presenting workshops, seminars and lectures.

Week 12.Creating your own Fitness Products  to sell to other Fitpro

Before you commit to any of my mentoring programs – Ask yourself these questions?

Are you ready to take your business forward?

Are you prepared to make time to research new ideas, brainstorm business building ideas, write articles and business plans?

Are you a positive minded person and not afraid to work hard on strategies and systems for your business?

Its not all glam and sexy joining a coaching program – you have to take a close look at yourself, your outlook, your work ethic and move accordingly.

If you join the coaching program you will have to knuckle down and do your homework, it will be down to you and  how much effort you want to put into this. You will need to set aside time every week to see this through, so you need to REALLY think carefully about it and  if you are ready at this stage in your career.

I will only work with positive people who are prepared to put the effort in,  I can guide you, coach you and advise how to do but the hard work will be done by you……..If you think you are ready then let go for it

Are you ready to take the leap? To purchase the Ultimate Fitness Business Coaching Package Click here


One Day Personal Business Consult

I  offer a one day consultation one to one with you in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. We will work together on all of your business plans & projects from 9 – 5.

This is a one to one service  for highly motivated and engaged clients who are willing to take action and move their business forward at a much quicker rate and want the most beneficial results .

This service is by application only.

One Day Rachel Holmes Fitness Business Consulting Fee is £997 payable 7 days in advance of scheduled meeting.

Interested – Lets have a chat on the phone I will then send you the application form.

Contact me directly

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