Hi Everyone

Here are the first two Webinars.

Watch it through and take notes as you go you can stop and start and play the video.

Emailing me: Here is my private email address RachelLHolmes@aol.com please put COACHING in the subject line.

Use the Facebook Group for questions and instant answers as well ! xx

Course dates starts and finish 90 Day Course Dates November completes 8 February 2012

1 – 1 Private CALLS – Email me to book them in you also need to email me in advance with your questions and what you would like to talk about.

Get a large notebook that you can dedicate to making notes and an actionplan from each Webinar.

Revisit your notes during the week and keep playing the webinars until you feel confident with the content. Do each weeks homework as soon as you can.

Here is my introduction

Here is Webinar 1

Here is Webinar 2 Homework

Webinar 2 Homework from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

1.Film and post an introduction

2.Film and post a video of you teaching/training

3.Film and post you interviewing a client or a client testimonial.

There is no right or wrong here this exercise is get you becoming video savvy!


Have a great week

Rachel xx





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