Monthly Mentoring Program

Silver Fitness Business Coaching with Rachel Holmes

Monthly Mentoring is Closed


This package is the perfect kick start for Instructors wanting to take things a little more slowly. Its a cost effective way to access my mentoring and business building services.

What the Monthly Mentoring Program Entails


Webinar Topics Covered over 6 months are:

Webinar 1. Fitness Business Foundations – Harness the Power of Social Media for Fitness

Webinar 2. Your websites, autoresponders, newsletters.

Webinar 3. Create your Own Package/Product Brand

Webinar 4. Write a Book.

Webinar 5. Online Facebook Groups and Course

Webinar 7. Facebook for Fitness Promotion.

Webinar 8. Writing Articles, Fitness Media, Press Releases Email Marketing

Webinar 9.Vlogging and Blogging

Webinar 10.Client generation and How to keep your classes packed every week.

Webinar 11.Business Planning for the next 6 month, 1 year and 2 years.

Webinar 12.Hiring Instructors to work in your Business.



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