Hi and welcome to the Create Your Online Fitness Business Jumpstart Course.


You will find all of the video workshops and webinars here.

If you have any questions please email me Rachel@Choreographytogo.com or Tweet me @RachelHolmes #BusinessJumpstart  Instagram RachelLHolmes Facebook.com/RachelLHolmes

Here is the link to Video 1.  Please watch carefully and take notes as you go



Day 2

How did you get on yesterday? Please Facebook or Tweet me and let me know how you got on and viewed the video.

Here is today’s webinar and a summary of what to do:


Please write the following details

1. Who is your client – Be super precise and super clear. Who exactly are you aiming this product/program/service to. I want every possible detail, really describe your niche as accurately as possible.
2. Include your website details if you have one.
3. Open a Youtube account.
4. Open a Twitter account if you don’t have one.


Day 3

Heres is today’s webinar


And here is the summary:

Homework for today

Film clips of you working out or teaching a class or with a client. You can do this with your phone if you haven’t got a FLIP or Kodak yet.

Upload this to your Facebook.

Open a Hootsuite.com account schedule 10 Tweets for tomorrow.

Follow 10 local Businesses and 10 Fitness Presenters or Business Owners that will inspire you.

Make lists to organise your Twitter people in.


Day 4

Its Day 4 and today it is all about writing articles which is a crucial part of growing your online brand and business

Here is the webinar



Day 5

Today is all about VLOGGING.

Please watch the mini webinar and then create 3 VLOGs. Please upload these to Youtube and Facebook and I will take a look and comment.

Aim to get VLOGs up and daily or weekly to really create your online fitness brand, personality and create an online relationship with your customers and potential customers.

Here is the link to the webinar



Day 6

Email Marketing

Your weekly newsletter is the backbone to your online Fitness Business. If you haven’t got an email marketing system then I suggest you sign up to Mailchip and have a go.

Here is the link to the Email marketing Webinar


Here is the link to MailChimp


Day 7

It’s a big day today!

You are going to set up a WordPress Blog/Website.

You can get your domain from godaddy.com and then download wordpress.org.

If you need help why not hire someone on elance.com or go through tutorials on Youtube to help you.

Here is the link to today’s webinar



Day 8

There is no webinar today but a check list of what you need to be doing on social media….daily if you are really serious and want to CRUSH IT!

Keeping your profile up and growing your brand.

Here is my check list of things you should be doing every day. YES every day

This will also keep your profile high which is a MUST if you plan on launching any new products or programs in the future.
I do all of this every week without fail

1. Facebook Personal Status updates 2 daily minimum.
2. Facebook Business Page 1 x daily minimum.
3. Twitter minimum 5 x Tweets per day – Automate if necessary.
4. Weekly newsletter from your website/blog hitting your target market
5. A Blog or Vlog post 3 x week minimum
6. Add Fitness Presenters, Other Fitpros to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Articles/Blog Posts
1. Write 2 articles every week.

Business Networking
1. On Twitter add 10 businesses to follow every week minimum.
2. On Twitter follow all of local media, DJ’s, Journalists, Prominent People, Local Politicians, any local celebrities, Business Owners and engage and network with them, this will provide you with contacts for when you launch your online products.

1. Add a video of you teaching to your channel 1x week minimum
You have to keep up the momentum every day and every week. If its a hassle then schedule everything using Hootsuite or Social oomph.


Day 9

This is a CRUCIAL webinar if you want to produce online workout videos to sell to your clients!

Take loads of notes and I’ll look forward to seeing your videos very soon.

Here is the webinar





Day 10

It is all about outsourcing so you have more time to spend on creating new products and services and less time doing “stuff”




Day 11

As we have been focusing on your online business this webinar is all about your offline business and how the two need to work together.

This is a 2 part webinar with the 2nd coming up tomorrow – Enjoy!



Day 12

Here is part 2 of Your Offline Business



Day 13

Creating webinars can be a brilliant form of passive income.

You can create your webinars as series and sell them as part of your membership or as a stand alone product.

This webinar shows you how to create your own webinars.

click herehttp://youtu.be/yyQlMGGR7KY


Day 14

Today is a take stock day.

Can you write down for me your goals, your updates and exactly where you are planning to take your business.

It doesn’t have to be a long involved document but key points with completions times that you will be accountable to.


Day 15

Day 15 is all about creating your online products – let me know what you are planning for your online products and services



Day 16

As we are approaching the 19 days I need you to get some information over to me:

Please email your online product document to me for feedback.

Your Positioning

Where do you see yourself? Now we are coming to the end of the 19 Days have your goals changed?

New Goals and Time Frames

Please revisit your goals and add some time frames to them so you are coming up with a tangible plan not just a list with things you may like to do in the future.

Choose the ones you can bring to fruition the quickest!

Here is todays webinar http://youtu.be/EsMFiQNWeLk


Day 17

I created today’s webinar to help you organise your thoughts and ideas.

I hope you enjoy it:



Day 18

Write down 10 big goals you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months


Day 19

So here is the final webinar.

I would love your feedback and please email me with all of your progress and updates.

If you would like details on my 90 Day Coaching Course let me know and we can have a chat about it on skype.



Well Done – I look forward to hearing from you with a progress report


Rachel x

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