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NEW Step Online Certification Workshop 2018

Step is a brand new Certification for Group Exercise Instructors from Choreographytogo who want to teach Step and offer this brilliant group exercise format.

I am on a mission to bring a revitalised Step programme back to the masses.

I want to help Instructors have the confidence to create fabulous classes and encourage Group Exercise teachers to develop their own unique style and individuality.

It’s time for a change.

Our customers are looking for rock star Instructors and a personalised experience.

Instructors who read the room and are able to mix up choreography and class content depending on who is front of them.

Encourage Instructors to choose music that motivates, inspires and provides that truly uplifting experience by original artists.

Music that is seamlessly mixed together by world-renowned DJ’s.


Who Is This Course For?

  • All Group Exercise Instructors who want to teach Step
  • Les Mills Instructors that want to teach Freestyle Step & not be tied to a monthly licence or fees.
  • Level 3 Personal Trainers that want to get into teaching Group Exercise Step.
  • Zumba, Clubbercise, Kettlercise Instructors.
  • Indoor cycling Instructors.

Steps Universal Popularity 

• Step appeals to a 40 – 60 year old demographic (but anyone who is interested in Step) who used to LOVE step back in the day but now can’t find STEP classes.

What Are The Benefits Of Step?

Step has so many amazing health benefits:

+Improves bone health.
+Improves cardiovascular health.
+Improves mental cognition – challenges the brain.
+Stress Reduction.
+Medium Impact.

I’ll be teaching you how to create a Step class from scratch, how to create signature choreography for today’s market and there will be plenty of choreography videos so you will never be short of dazzling content.


Course Content

Part 1 – Launch Your Step Class and Brand

  • Foundations – How To build your class
  • Build Your brand and community using online and social media.
  • How to create buzz, Facebook frenzy, launch your first Step Masterclass.
  • How to build PR, Marketing and getting people into your Step class.

Part 2  Warm Up and Warm Up Choreography Videos

  • How to construct a Step Warm up for 2018
  • Step Warm Up Choreography Videos.
  • How to transition to your main Step section.

Part 3 Basic Step Choreography

  • Base moves and how to build from a basic step and a repeater move.
  • Basic step workshop.
  • Basic Lift Step workshop.
  • How to create multi levels and layer your choreography.
  • How to build choreography.
  • 10 x Basic Step Choreography Videos.

Part 4 Power Step

  • Power Step choreography videos and teaching workshop
  • Power Step &  Step HIIT, Triple Challenge Classes, Step + Body Conditioning.
  • Power and Fitness Stepping Workshop.

Part 5 Teaching Step, Learning Curves and Teaching Methods,


Course Prerequisites and Options

+Level 2 ETM Or equivalent – If you are a Level 3 PT or Teach another style of Group Exercise please contact your insurance provider to find out if you will be insured to teach a STEP class.

+You can invest in the Step Strong & Stable Workshop/Certification and run with it or you can fulfill the certification criteria by sending in a video of you teaching and receive a certification.

The choice is yours. This is flexible learning and development.

Check with your insurance provider if you need to complete the assessment.




I always reward my clients who move fast. If you want to get your hands on this course asap.

The EARLY BIRD FEE Is £97.00 –  After the Early Bird Fee has closed it will be £147.00

The course is delivered completely Online with Rachel Holmes via video and support via a private Facebook Group.

There is no ongoing license fees or monthly charges.


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