How To Start And Explode Your  Online Business

Full Day Seminar with Rachel Holmes & Yvonne Radley

SATURDAY 20th MAY 2017


Early Bird Price this weekend ONLY  147.00 + VAT

From Monday 20th 197 + VAT

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* What the Day Entails :-

How To Build Your Brand Online 

  • Learn how to over come technical issues and forge ahead.
  • Understand how to plan and proritise your ideas.
  • Step by Step how to harness social media to promote your ideas.
  • Personality Marketing
  • Understand Facebook ad
  • Instagram ads.
  • Get going using only your iphone
  • Create your own publicity show.
    Yvonne Radley
    Journalist for more than 25 years working in National Newspapers – magazines – TV and Radio
    Four front page stories.
    Nominated for an IRN Award (Radio Division of ITN) for her work on the Missing Madeleine McCann story.
    Entrepreneur and Branson Centre Mentor
    Creator of Big Me Up Media helping 100’s of fitness and wellness professionals raise their profile using the media by getting into newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV.
    Most famous client Katie Bulmer Cooke on The Apprentice.
    Also had clients who gained press with the Milk Tray Advert campaign
    This Girl Can Campaign


Rachel Holmes 

Rachel has built multiple fitness  brands and businesses over the last 25 years including: Fitness Pilates, Nova,  Choreographytogo & Kick Start Fat Loss and The Brainfit Workout™

She has created and sold group exercise programmes to global giant Virgin Active including Nova,  & RetroRobics .

From building global brands for their home offices to operating POP UP Fitness studios in commercial space to creating online membership sites with over 70,000  members. Rachel and Yvonne  have built and continue to  build successful concepts & brands.


Learn From The Best

Starting with ideas, a vision, a daily to do list and can do attitude.

Rachel and Yvonne  overcame all kinds of

obstacles, barriers and problems to see their projects through to market.


Both employ different approaches, techniques and strategies but have common systems in place.


This one day ONLY workshop is going be GOLD for any aspiring fitness entrepreneur  who have ideas and want to create an online  business any genre.

It’s  an amazing opportunity to learn from girls who have put the hard work in and created their visions and dreams.


Be inspired and motivated and take a way a ton of usable information that you can apply to catapult your idea forward.


Maybe you are not there yet but you head is spinning with potential ideas ?

No problem this day will equip you with the tools, systems, business planning techniques to get your idea out of the door.



This is a ONE OF A KIND opportunity so if you have aspirations on creating your own online business this workshop is a must.