Welcome to UNITE 2

Welcome to Unite Broadcast 2, we have re-called one of Fit Pros most popular cd’s for you to change the whole look and feel of your Unite classes. Our emphasis this quarter is on the following:
1.       ‘’We do the same but different’’, by changing the mood, we can offer the same styles with a totally different flavour. The tone of the music will even inspire different cues and a fresh teaching style.
2.       Creativity – mind body music is not your traditional 32 count combination block, and so we encourage you to cherry pick the exercises taking more time over the ones that need instruction with a view to putting them all together in the final month as a choreographed piece.
3.       The workout – by now you should be more confident with the styles of Yoga and Pilates. One of the things that I love about Yoga is it teaches me all the time that I can be better and do things I did not think possible. We can now start to offer this to our classes. Be brave with the things that you ask them to do.
I hope you enjoy it as much as us and I look forward to your feedback on the Facebook page.


Here are the links to Jaynes Notes


Jayne Welcomes Unite 2

 Tracks 1 & 2 Shoulder & Spinal Sensation with Rachel

Track 3 Lower Body Love with Jayne



Track 4 Hip To Balance with Rachel


Track 5 Discovering Yoga with Jayne

5 NEW Yoga Beautiful Disaster Kelly Clarkson from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

Track 6 Positive Pilates with Rachel


Track 7 Happy Heart Jayne


Track 8 Positive Pilates with Rachel


Track 9 Upper Body Bliss with Jayne



Track 10 Side Lying Sequence



Track 11& 12 Back Beauty with Jayne


Track 13 Creative Core with Rachel


Track 14 Mindful Magic with Jayne

14newFInalUNITE from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo.

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