The Ultimate Toning Project

Workshop with Kelly Reed

Come and join Kelly with on her latest workshop. The UTP focuses on the experience of a wonderful group exercise session.

The Workshop is 4 hours and costs £42 + VAT


The UTP concentrates on delivering beautiful toning exercises, ideas and sequences in a more relaxed,

gentle but precise environment. Connect the mind and body and enjoy workouts with a fresh, new age feel.

Kelly will explore health and wellness ideas within each mini workshop arming you with a softer more gentle approach to body conditioning classes.



The UTP is a 4 hour workshop and is aimed at Group Exercise Instructors, Small Group Training Instructors and Personal Trainers.


Mini Workshops:

Workshop 1 The Full Body Toning Project 90 minutes

This workshop delivers the latest conditioning and toning exercises using resistance tubing. Explore multiple muscle sequences and routines that flow. Working with music Kelly will link the mind and body through engaging combinations which can be adapted for beginners to advanced.  This softer approach to training concentrates on precision of movement and technique and is a beautiful package.

Workshop 2 Lean Legs

Kelly explores the anatomy of the lower body and the most effective way to train and condition this area. Using a variety of techniques you will gain new exercises for the glutes, inner & outer thigh and right down to the foot and ankle. Mix ballet and dance style training with a Yoga and Pilates feel.

Workshop 3 Slimmer Abs – Abs are made in the kitchen

How do I get slimmer abs? It is the question we get asked every single class. Kelly discusses the role of food choices, quality nutrition, eating clean and identifies simple strategies your class members can implement.
Incorporate into your teaching nutritional information helping your classes make the right food choices.
This practical session concentrates on the huge variety of core training exercises that are available to us and how to package it all together in a results  based workout.

Blissful Stretch and Relaxation.

Conclude the day with a gorgeous stretch and relaxation class. Blissful Stretch is a chilled out session of positivity. Using a variety of stretch techniques the perfect class for busy, stressed out clients.


Tour Dates and Times – Book on here


15 Sept     1pm                Greens Health Club                   Cambridge          Click here to book

16 Sept     130pm           Clapham Leisure Centre           London                                                      Click here to book

30 Sept    1pm                Bristol                                           David Lloyd Leisure Club – Westbury Click here to book

27 Oct      1230pm         Manchester                                 DW Sport Bolton                                      Click here to book
28 Oct      1230pm         Birmingham                               David Lloyd Solihull South                     Click here to book

3 Nov        1pm                Spectrum                                    Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre     Click here to book

10 Nov      12pm              Southampton                             Chamberlayne Leisure Centre               Click here to book
11 Nov       130pm           Chelmsford                                 Nuffield Health                                         Click here to book

9 Dec        1pm                Derby                                            David Lloyd                                               Click here to book

All workshops are 4 hours long. Workshop notes will be emailed to you 48 hours before the workshop date, you will be required to print these of and bring along on the day. A certificate of attendance is emailed to you the following week of the workshop. Please arrive at  the workshop in plenty of time, if it is bad weather (snow) please email us follow us on Twitter or Facebook to confirm the workshop is going ahead. Check the clubs websites for travel information. If you call the club directly for directions please be aware the receptionist answering the phone may not know the workshop details as we hire the studios directly from the head office or fitness manager. Attend in workout clothing and bring warm clothes for theory part as studios can be cool. Food is available to purchase in the clubs restaurant or bring your own food along.

To book go to for further information  07854 739285

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