Q: How do I view/preview choreography?

A: Select a piece of choreography using the shop or the quick links on the left. Select the preview button if available. You will need Windows Media Player Version 6 or over. To view the full item you will need to purchase it. Free choreography will play automatically.

Q: How do I access the choroegraphy or eBooks I have purchased to view online?

A: Use the “My C2Go Online” menu item in the menu bar at the top of the page. This will take you to a list of the choreography and eBooks you have purchased. You can then view any item by clicking its title in the list.

Q: I am using AOL and get a decompression error when trying to view choreography

A: This happens because AOL sets Real Player as default media player. To get around this you will need to click on Customise, then click on the Multimedia option, and unclick all boxes. The choreography will now open in media player.

Q: When I try to view/preview choreography nothing happens

A: You will need to wait for a short time while the file buffers – the amount of time depends upon your connection speed. The Media Player window will be empty until enough of the choreography has been buffered.

Q: How often can I view a piece of choreography?

A: Once you have purchased choreography, it will always be available to you for viewing online. We recommend that you download the item for mulptiple viewings from your own PC.

Q: What happens if my connection breaks whilst downloading choregraphy?

A: Don’t worry – you’ve purchased it therefore you can view it or download it anytime.

Q: What happens if my connection breaks whilst paying?

A: If you haven’t received payment confirmation from our partners Protx, the transaction hasn’t been processed therefore you need to try again. If you have received payment confirmation, and your purchase is not confirmed on choreographytogo, then contact us and we’ll rectify the database and email you to let you know that you can now view or download the choreography.

Q: The video and/or the sound are jumpy – why and what can I do?

A: The Media Player may not have buffered enough of the file to play it correctly. Try pausing or stopping the playback and waiting for a few moments. If this does not work, try downloading the file to your PC.

Alternatively you may need to upgrade your version of Windows Media Player. To find out which version you have, right-click on the Media Player box and select About. If the version is not 6 or over, visit http://www.microsoft.com, Downloads, Media Player to download the latest version.

Q: How does membership work?

A: View the information page, selected from the top menu.

Q: How do I pay for choreography?

A: Choreography can be purchased online using credit and debit cards via our partner, Protx. You may also purchase membership via the same method which allows you to buy tokens for discounts and gives you access to free chorepgraphy.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A: View the information page, selected from the top menu.

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