Welcome to Fitness Pilates World Updates Day 

Guildford Spectrum 12 – 5pm 28th April 2013

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Freshen up your Pilates teaching as Rachel and Kelly bring you bang up to date with all of the new updates in the Fitness Pilates World.

Take part in 4 new Fitness Pilates sessions bursting with ideas and inspirations.


Fitness Pilates for 2013 and Beyond with Rachel Holmes

Rachel takes you on a new FP Journey exploring a mix of the traditional, classical and innovative with a peak into the future. This is a mix of theory and practical and embraces new FP Coaching techniques. Understand the true mind body link and unleash the feel good experience in this class.

The Prop Shop with Kelly Reed

Mini Balls, Bands, Weights & Gliders Kelly has created an imaginative and inventive workshop using our favorite props and toys.

Plyometric Pilates with Rachel

An advanced workout for your true warriors. Rachel looks at barefoot running, controlled impact & explosive work within an advanced Pilates group X class.

Flow Motion with Kelly Reed

Sequences, progressions and flowing combinations are standard in Fitness Pilates and Kelly’s beautifully choreographed session closes the day perfectly.

The day is a mix of theory and practical is everyone is welcome. You do not have to be Pilates trained to attend.

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