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  • How can pilates help with menopause symptoms

    How can pilates help with menopause symptoms

    how can pilates help menopause?

    Menopause is defined as the cessation of menstruation, or not having had a period in the last twelve months. It usually occurs between 40 and 50 years of age. Menopause has many symptoms and will look and feel different in every woman. Some will experience a range of issues, while others report fewer bothersome physical and mental changes. Some of the most common symptoms include changes in sleep, mood, and libido. In addition, many women experience weight gain or discover that their body shape changes.


    So how can we help our clients going through Menopause?

    Why is Pilates Helpful During and After Menopause?

    Pilates is a great choice for women approaching or experiencing menopause, it is accessible for all. It is an often challenging time in a woman’s life of physical and emotional change and as movement specialists, we can care for the menopausal body in ways that may help support these changes and some of the symptoms associated with it.

    There are so many women out there who need our help and we can offer just that!

    Some of the specific benefits Pilates offers to menopausal women:

    • Strength training for bone health
    • Cardiovascular workouts for hormone balance and weight management
    • Balance exercises
    • Stretching, breathing, and relaxation for stress reduction, lymphatic drainage, and resetting the parasympathetic nervous system


    Stress relief in menopause

    Pilates is effective for stress relief, too. Pilates teaches us how to surf the physical and mental shifts brought on by the change of life, as menopause is sometimes called.

    Pilates is a mind-body experience, just like menopause is and building on strengthening this for women in the menopause is the key to building confidence and a sense of calm, encouraging acceptance for where they are in the moment.


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