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  • The BrainFit™ Workout Training Online Certification.


    Would You Like to add a new calming class to your timetable?… Then Brainfit™ is for you.

    You can get the FULL Training PLUS Access to the new Spring Refresher.

    The Brainfit ™ Workout Instructor Certification
    What is The Brainfit™ Workout?
    The Brainfit™ Workout is a gentle movement, mobility & meditation group exercise class designed to lower stress, improve mindset, focus and instil a feeling of calm and wellbeing.
    Who is The Brainfit™ Workout for?
    Everyone can benefit from Brainfit™
    How long is a Brainfit™ Workout Class?
    Brainfit™ Can be bite-size 10 – 20 minutes up to a 60-minute class.
    Where can I teach Brainfit™
    Online or Face To Face.
    Can I use the name Brainfit™ and use the Brainfit™ logo’s?
    Yes, The Brainfit™ Workout is a registered Trademark owned by Rachel Holmes.
    What is Included in the Brainfit™ Workout Training 2022
    *Brainfit™ Refresher Workshop
    *Brainfit™ 1 Workshop with Rachel Holmes
    *Brainfit™ 2 Workshop with Kelly Reed
    *Brainfit™ Masterclass Rebalance
    *Brainfit™˜Masterclass Flow & Meditation.
    *Brainfit™ Masterclass – Bitesize
    *Brainfit™ Masterclass – Fitness Pilates & Brainfit™
    *Brainfit™ Masterclass – Breathwork.

    *Social Media Launch tips


    The BrainFit™ Workout is:

    • Simple and Effective
    • Easy to teach
    • Unique and fresh
    For everyone who wants to explore a more mindful group exercise
    Regular mindfulness practice, through simple repetitive movement, affirmations and meditation, is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, anxiety, and well-being. It leads to peace of mind, clarity, greater focus and creativity and a happier life.
    Rachel looks at how to include mindset coaching in your group exercise class.
    Identifying language cues, imagery, journaling and goal setting within The Brain Fit Workout™
    What is included in the online training?
    • Become a trademarked BrainFitWorkout Coach.
    • 5 BrainFit Workouts that you can teach right away.
    • Access to BrainFit Workout online.
    • Use of the BrainFit Workout logos and branding.
    • How to organise and promote a Brain Fit Workout™ launch and business ideas to set up your classes.
    • Watch the video of Rachel Holmes training the staff at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and see the classes taught live for ideas.

    Tuition From

    Rachel Holmes

    Certificate of Completion

    Lifetime access


    If you have any questions about our qualifications you can reach out to us via email at, Facebook Messenger or by completing the form below.

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