The Rachel Holmes Fitness Business Academy monthly membership

✔ Are you a Female Fitpro wanting to grow your business?

✔ Are you stuck and not getting any new customers?

✔ Do you need to organise, systemise and put in a proper structure to attract new clients?

✔ Do you need a proper plan of what to do on Social Media and stop wasting time?

✔ Do you need help shaping your ideas and getting your ideas out into the marketplace?

✔ Do you need to know the right formula of how to gain new clients coming into your business every week?

✔ Do you want to attract more revenue?

✔ Do you want to spend more time with your friends and family and not working on and in your business all the time?



As soon as you sign up to the FBA you get access to all of the content RIGHT AWAY and the LIVE Training  webinars within the private Facebook Group.


2 LIVE group coaching sessions and masterminds a week ( all recorded if you can’t make it LIVE

JOIN ME for a clear cut straight-line path of how to grow the right business for you.


✔ Exclusive LIVE Webinars & Masterminds For Mentees Every Week.

✔ Live training every Tuesday with Rachel  1 – 1.45  pm  and  A LIVE mastermind at 2 – 3pm

✔ Step By Step Building Module Week By Week with a  BONUS LIVE ZOOM Webinar every week

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