Fitness Business Academy Membership 

This is for anyone that want’s to step up there business and go deeper into the strategy as a FBA member you get 

1 x FBA LIVE Business Training with Rachel every Tuesday at 1pm ( always recorded if you cant make the live) EXCLUSIVE to the FBA Members

Access to the weekly business training I offer to every one, these are always £25 per session and you get every week as part of your FBA membership

The FBA Membership is £30 per month


JOIN ME for a clear cut straight-line path of how to grow the right business for you.

✔ Exclusive FBA Live training every Tuesday with Rachel  1 – 1.45  pm

✔ Exclusive whats app group for the FBA

✔ Access to the weekly business training webinar (each workshop is priced at £25 you get all 4 per month included in your


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