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    MENOFIT™ Teacher Training Course

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    MENOFIT™ Teacher Training Course  

    All delivered via an online training dashboard

    Are you a Fitpro and would like to offer your own MENOFIT Programme?

    • Train to Teach MENOFIT™
    • Join for Rachel for the MENOFIT™ Teacher Training Course
    • Work through the in depth training and make a plan of how to create, deliver and market your own MENOFIT™ programme.
    • Plus online prerecorded Workshops to help you.
    • Create Menofit Programmes for online, in person or Corporate.

    MENOFIT™ Teacher Training

    • Training Workshops delivered via an online training dashboard 
    • Additional Menofit™ Teaching Workshops.
    • Access to the 14 day  and 21 day Menofit™ Programmes for help with structure.
    • How To structure, plan and market your own Menofit™ , Workshops & Talks.
    • Use of the Menofit™ brand, logos, marketing material and trademarks.

    Section 1

    • Where do we fit in as Fitness Professionals helping our menopausal clients
    • The stages of Menopause
    • Symptoms of Menopause 
    • Hormones – An overview of Hormones.
    • Menopause Research and Data 
    • Lifestyle Changes 
    • HRT Resources and Referring On.

    Section  2 

    • Nutrition
    • Weight loss and weight gain
    • Midsection Weight gain.
    • Habit Stacking
    • Food Behaviours
    • Calorie counting v Healthy Habits
    • Macro an Micro Nutrients
    • How to modify a healthy diet for Menopause.
    • Sleep
    • Stress Management 

    Section 3

    • Exercise 
    • Class ideas and Formats 
    • LIIT, Mobility, Fitness Pilates, Knee Friendly & Joint Friendly Workouts
    • Weighted Workouts 

    Section 4

    • Coaching skills 
    • How To create your successful MENOFIT™ programme
    • How to structure talks and workshops.
    • How to create a better online experience for your clients – tech updates.
    • Personal boundaries.
    • How to protect your energy
    • Pricing and promotion

    Here is what you will find on your training dashboard.

    • Section 1 – 4 Menofit™ Teacher Training
      Resources – How To Set Up Your Menofit™ Programme
      Resources – Menofit™ Pelvic Health Workshop
      Download the logos – Create your graphics with Canva
      Download Marketing Materials
      Join the Menofit™ Teachers Facebook group
      Find your 14 & 21 Day Menofit™ courses
      F2F Menofit Workshop
      Corporate Menofit™ workshop
      Menofit™ workouts
      Tech To Improve Your Online Programmes
      Marketing Menofit™
      How to run weekly Menofit™ classes

    There is 15 hours of Content.


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