The Brain Fit Workout


The Brain Fit Workout ™ Training Online Certification.

Accredited by NASM – The National Academy of Sports Medicine and AFFA

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The BrainFit Workout™ is:

  • Simple and Effective
  • Easy to teach
  • Unique and fresh
  • For everyone who wants to explore a more mindful group Exercise

Regular mindfulness practice, through simple repetitive movement, affirmations and meditation, is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, anxiety, and well-being. It leads to peace of mind, clarity, greater focus and creativity and a happier life.

Rachel looks at how to include mindset coaching in your group exercise class.

Identifying language cues, imagery, journaling and goal setting within The Brain Fit Workout™



What is included in the online training?

  • Become a trademarked Brain Fit Workout™ Coach.
  •  2 BrainFit Workouts that you can teach right away.
  • Access to Brain Fit Workout™ online.
  • 2 PPL Free music downloads.
  • Full class choreography and content notes.
  • Use of the BrainFit Workout ™ logos and branding.
  • How to organise and promote a Brain Fit Workout™ launch and business ideas to set up your classes.
  • Watch the video of Rachel Holmes training the staff at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and see the classes taught live for ideas.
  • Active and helpful private Facebook Group.
  • Accreditation by the National academy Of Sports Medicine – NASM

Join Rachel Holmes on this new journey of Group Exercise.


Information Videos

See what The Brain Fit Workout looks like

See what happens in The Brain Fit Workout group training

Funding Options

Secure up to £100 Funding for  Training.

Apply for your Bursary and book your course.

To understand about the bursary visit:


Read more about funding:

The Open Bursary has grown in popularity year on year with last financial year being it’s most successful yet with over 400 approved applications. This success has led us to review the management of the scheme to ensure we continue to offer the best service to current and future instructors.

From today, the Open Bursary will be open to applicants in funding rounds. This means we will only accept applications in specific periods of the year. In order to make implementing this change as easy as possible we have created an Open Bursary Communications Toolkit (attached) which provides you with a suite of templates to use on all digital marketing channels pre, during and post funding rounds.

We have also reviewed the funding structure and have introduced funding bands, the funding band your training falls into depends on the type of training endorsement you have.


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