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There really hasn’t been a better
time in history to create your fitness
business, ideas & projects online.

Social Media is changing.

The way our customers are buying
is changing.

Marketing PT, classes & services is changing.

None of us wants to be constantly SELLING
on social media.

We love people. We love teaching. We Love
coaching. We Love helping people.

If you find you are constantly in a spin
jumping from one “NEW THING”
like PiYo, Zumba, Bokwa, Insanity, Fitsteps
etc over and over again just to stay
TOP DOG in you area then now is the time
to re-evaluate.

In the video I talked about using a good
Content Management System.

Have you had a look at Aweber & Mail Chimp
Constant Contact etc?

Check them out online.


Tell me….What do you want to create?
What do you want to do online?
How do you picture it will look?

Come on team lets really go for this
& get it created.


Do YOU need help with your Online Marketing & Social Media ?


I offer a 1/2 day Social Media, Digital Marketing & Product Development Consultation Service.

*Examine  your current social media strategy across all platforms

*Put in place the mechanics required to build your social media strategy

*Create list building strategies

*Create video, audio & written for social media content.


Travel to Nottingham for a one to one consultation with me for all small, medium and large businesses.

1/2 Day Consultation Fee is £650 + VAT



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