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Is it time to really sort out your fitness business in 2017?

The Fitness Business Academy Coaching with Rachel Holmes is a Business Building Blueprint going from the very basics of creating your online business.

Now…Not using old marketing methods from even a few months ago. Everything has changed. The way we use social media. The way you should be promoting on social media. How to grow your email list…..EVERYTHING and I have a step by step formula that even the most technophobe can follow along step by step.

I walk you through every topic. STEP by STEP there is no overwhelming amount of content. You watch one tutorial. Complete it. Put it into practice then move to the next section. You can take things at your pace.

The Price of the Fitness Business Academy is £347 and you get access to everything right away.




All of the videos, audios, webinars and trainings.



SIGN UP TODAY And get a Business Strategy Call with Business Development Manager Kelly Reed-Banks

who will chat with you about your fitness business.


Here are videos from some of the past Fitness Business Academy Students


Check out Lee Donald who is currently a student on Fitness Business Academy

Alex and Elaine from Wicklow Dance Academy

The Fitness Business Academy is open and ready for you to enroll.

Meet Lissa Foley click here from YogaLillies

Meet Melissa Gaul

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