Level 3 Pilates

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* Qualified Pilates Instructors are in high demand all over the UK.

*  Pilates classes are continually busy with waiting lists & an abundance of clients looking for classes.

*  The potential to set up your own successful,  independent community classes in a local venue.

*  Clients are happy to pay for courses in advance enabling you to run profitable community classes.

*  Pilates is viewed as a premium class, therefore you can command a higher fee than other group exercise classes.


SECURE UP TO A £150 Funding for your Fitness Pilates Training

APPLY for your Bursary and book your course

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To claim your bursary.Read the information above.Book Your Fitness Pilates Training Course.Apply for your bursary.

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Pilates with Rachel Holmes and Kelly Reed-Banks

2017 Dates for Level 3

The full course price is £720 + VAT BUT You can join C2GO as an advanced member and get a 10% discount from your course fee.

Doing the course with Choreographytogo you get continual back up and support with our extensive selection of DVDS, Music, Downloads and constant support.

We are extremely active on social media so anything you need post course we are here to help & support you. You are required to sit an exam during the 3 days for your qualification.



LONDON  24/25/26 NOVEMBER  2017 – 9am -5pm



Pay the Full amount £720 + VAT Click here

Pay the deposit amount £200 + VAT Click here

Pay the balance amount    £550 + VAT click here




2/3/4 February 2018 BIRMINGHAM David Lloyd Solihull South ( Old Virgin active) 12 – 6


247 Cranmore Boulevard, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4ZL




20/21/22 APRIL 2018 LONDON David Lloyd




22/23/24 JUNE 2018  MANCHESTER David Lloyd North 12 – 6pm


Heywood Old Road, Manchester, M24 4TH



Important Information before booking Level 3 Pilates with Choreographytogo Ltd

• Before attending the Level 3 Course you need to attend Pilates classes and be familiar with the exercises.

• You will also have to do homework and preparation before the course begins.

• You are required to sit an exam during the course to gain your certification.

•We now close bookings 2 weeks before the event so you have time to prepare before the course starts.

Scroll down for Level 3 Information and FAQs.

Both Kelly and I can’t stress enough to come to the course prepared. Make sure you have watched the Level 3 DVD, you have printed the manual and read through and attended as many Pilates classes as you can. This will all help you so much when you attend and which is why we send the DVD and manual beforehand. Level 3 Pilates is a fantastic qualification and one that is held in high regard within the industry, therefore prepare and you will be able to enjoy the course and get the most out of it.

It is imperative you attend Pilates classes as a participant before you attend the Level 3 Training.
The cheapest way to do Level 3 Pilates is to pay for the course in full

When booking this course and you have paid the full amount you will receive:

•1 x Level 3 Pilates DVD featuring Rachel Holmes, Marvin Burton and Kelly Reed. This contains Class planning, Functional Anatomy and Physiology, Sequences, Transitions, Modifying Pilates exercises and lectures from all 3 presenters.

•Level 3 Manual as a Downloadable Document you will need to print this off, read and bring to the course. No hard copy manual is posted to you.

•1 week before the course begins your tutor Kelly Reed-Banks will be in touch with you to welcome  and confirm you are all ready to begin. You can contact Kelly@Choreographytogo.com.

•You will also film your assessment using your own class members and send the DVD in. This cuts down on travel time and days away and ensures you can film your class in an environment you feel comfortable in and show your teaching in a more natural environment.

 Do you want to be a Level 3 Pilates Instructor?

You will gain 20 REPs points and get onto the register at Level 3

Who is this course for?

All qualified Fitness Instructors or Personal Trainers.

What does the course entail?

Any more questions?  email Kelly@Choreographytogo.com or scroll down for FAQs

Your Course Tutor is Kelly Reed-Banks

Level 3 Course content

Day 1

Evolution of the original 34 mat work exercises

Go over original Principles and Pilates Basic and Theory

Vocabulary/Imagery and Pilates teaching Skills

Teaching Practise – Teach Backs and Teaching to the Group.

Sequences, Progressions and Transitions.

Day 2 and Day 3

Functional Anatomy/ 3 Planes of motion/ Tri Plane Movement


Foot and Ankle

Male and Female Pelvic Floor

Foam Roll / Tennis Ball self Myofascial release

Dyna Bands

Mini Ball

Advanced progressions and sequences.

Posture Assessment and Movement Screens.

Personal Training Pilates

Level 3 Pilates FAQs

1. I hold a Level 2 Pilates Qualification – do I have to attend and pay for the whole course if I want to be Level 3 Pilates Instructor?

Yes you do have to attend and complete the 3 days.


2.I have no Pilates experience but I am a qualified Level 2 ETM/GYM Instructor can I attend this course?

Yes, as there is no longer a Level 2 Pilates qualification only Level 3, the course is suitable for all qualified Instructors. But you have to watch the Level 3 DVD and homework before attending the course. This is vital.


3. I have passed my Level 3 EFK (Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Paper) do I have to do it again and can I get a discount on the course fee.

If you already hold the Level 3 EFK then you don’t have to take this again. Unfortunately, we are not able to discount the course fee.


4. Is your Level 3 course an “official” Pilates course?

Yes the Course is an Active IQ Level 3 Pilates course and you gain entry on the REPS register at Level 3 and get 20 CPD points


5. Once I have qualified am I able to call my class Pilates?

Yes you will be a Level 3 Pilates Qualified Instructor.


6. Am I able to pay for the course in stages?

Unfortunately  not, the full course price must be paid at once. If you employer is paying for you we can invoice your employer

 7. Do I get any other course materials with the course?

7. Do I get any other course materials with the course?

Yes you will receive 1 Level 3 Pilates DVD


If You Have Not Got A Fitness Qualification And Want To Teach Pilates.


For 2017 you are now able to train to become a Pilates Level 3 Instructor by doing out new FULLY INCLUSIVE Teacher Trainer Certificate.


What do you need to do?

Attend the 2 day Fitness Pilates Training course in LONDON on 21st & 22nd January  – Click here to see course dates and details of this course

Attend the Level 3 Pilates 3 Day course – See above for the course venues, dates and course details


What do you get?

To attend the amazing practical hands on courses above.

Skype Calls with our world class Tutor Kelly Reed-Banks helping you with all the course material


Complete support, guidance and motivation.

DVDS  & online learning material.


*You need to regularly attend Pilates classes


THE FULL Package Price is  £1200 + VAT to become a Level 3 Pilates Instructor

Do you want to speak to our trainer Kelly?

Email Kelly@Choreographytogo.com




Read more about your funding:

The Open Bursary has grown in popularity year on year with last financial year being it’s most successful yet with over 400 approved applications. This success has led us to review the management of the scheme to ensure we continue to offer the best service to current and future instructors.

From today, the Open Bursary will be open to applicants in funding rounds. This means we will only accept applications in specific periods of the year. To confirm, the rounds will be:

Round 1 – Today to 15th May 2017

Round 2 – 12th June 2017 to 24th July 2017

Round 3 – 21st August to 2nd October 2017

Round 4 – 30th October to 11th December 2017

Round 5 – 8th January 2018 to 19th February 2018

Round 6 – 19th March to 31st April 2018

In order to make implementing this change as easy as possible we have created an Open Bursary Communications Toolkit (attached) which provides you with a suite of templates to use on all digital marketing channels pre, during and post funding rounds. Please ensure you complete all necessary website changes by the 15th May 2017 to avoid any disappointment.

We have also reviewed the funding structure and have introduced funding bands, the funding band your training falls into depends on the type of training endorsement you have. Please view the attached document to see what funding band your training is eligible for.

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