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  • How Pilates Helps Maintain Mobility

    How Pilates Helps Maintain Mobility

    What does it mean to maintain mobility? It is maintaining movement with ease, economy, and efficiency.

    Increased Mobility is arguably the most important benefit to taking part in pilates classes.

    In fact, those who have been injured or come to Pilates wanting to move better and are some of the method’s most impassioned ambassadors.

    Move It or Lose It

    One of the unfortunate realities of our current era is that most of us move less than previous generations. Blame it on technology, increased working from home, mobile devices, tv culture and reliance on cars.The good news is that it’s never too late to do something about it. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, and the way to do that is through movement.

    One of the great joys of Pilates is that it introduces mobility in those who are lacking; helping her clients of all ages access a greater range of movement, allowing them to perform the work of daily life.

    Pilates emphasises working the body as a complete system, including the small muscles that sometimes get short shrift in workouts. For these small muscles to step up and do their part in supporting and stabilising the joints, they must be hydrated and mobile.


    It’s not enough to simply be mobile. We need both mobility and stability. Pilates always starts with the muscles that stabilise the body, this ensures that the movement happening around them is free and smooth, Pilates mobilises the body in all the planes of movement.

    Measuring Mobility

    Our human form is that it is always changing, adapting, and responding to the world around us and to the needs and tasks we ask it to move through. Through continued practice and movement it is easy to see improvements through time, a diary is a great way to encourage clients to see this.

    Find a range of mobility masterclasses here


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