Hello and welcome to the Brain Fit Workout Programme.

I am updating this programme  on 1 & 2nd May 2020 with new videos 


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What is the Brain Fit Workout?

Saying the affirmations out loud with each move gives the affirmation power and amplification. 

It enhances mood, self-confidence and positivity.

Even the quietest members will soon be shouting out the affirmations!

Teach it in an upbeat and positive way for maximum results and success.

See what happens in a Brain Fit workout class:



IMPORTANT **When teaching and advertising The Brain Fit Workout ™

It has to be called “The Brain Fit Workout™ ” as is the trademark.**

The Music

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There is substantial evidence to support the daily practice of meditation.

The latest study was conducted at Harvard. Click here to read 

8 Weeks To A Better Brain – Harvard Gazette click here 

Centre For Mindfulness MA – 23,000 person study 8 Weeks Of Mindfulness click here

Please watch all of the following videos to get you started!


The Routines

In this video of a live training with me, you can see how I’ve tweaked the class a little using some different affirmations, which I thought this might help you when teaching.

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