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  • Fitness Pilates Newsletter 11th February 2024

    Fitness Pilates Newsletter 11th February 2024

    Here is a mini class plan of my current intermediate FP class, This is a flow so one exercise flows into the next and then back again so its not for beginners. If you like the sound of it leave a comment in the FP Instructor group.

    Fitness Pilates Lesson Plan – Intermediate Class

    Fitness Pilates Warm-Up (10 Minutes) – Standing

    • Rhythmical mobility, moving the body in 3 planes.
    • Joint mobility.
    • Introduction to breath work and diaphragmatic breathing with forceful exhalation.
    • Standing rotation, identifying tight areas.

    Standing Sequences (7 Minutes) Sequence 1

    • Roll down to the floor, step back into plank, step forward with single-arm rotation, step back.
    • Repeat on the left side, step forward, and roll up to stand.
    • Repeat x 6.
    • Hold each position and increase the hold as you repeat the sequence.

    Mat – Supine (20 Minutes)

    • Flow moving from one position to the next.
    1. Half roll back, rotation right/left, Russian twist, roll back to the start – Repeat x 8.
    2. Roll back to tabletop, adding arm pull-over x 8.
    3. Roll to side-lying, open door – Repeat x 4.
    4. Roll back to supine into shoulder bridge – Repeat x 4.
    5. Repeat Tabletop as above.
    6. Roll to side-lying, open door on the other side.
    7. Roll back to supine and repeat bridge.

    Mat – Prone (7 Minutes)

    1. Back extension – Repeat x 4.
    2. Swimming – Repeat x 4.
    3. Square – Repeat x 8.

    Stretch and Relaxation to Close

    If this is helpful and you would like me to make a little video with this flow, let me know.

    Are you in the Fitness Pilates Instructor Group Fitness Pilates Instructor Group

    Luxury Retreat With Champneys – Next Retreat Day Thursday 9th May We have added the next date for the Luxury Retreat in conjunction with Champneys Springs 9th May click here  Level 4 Pilates We are running the Level 4 Pilates Diploma Course this month as a 121 offering with Tutor Kelly which means you can sign up and work through all of the content that is already recorded with Kelly and Tom Waldron. You can watch all of the lectures at your leisure and start to implement the information as you go into your existing classes and clients. You will schedule calls with Kelly for when you have questions and move through the full course in your own time.  Click here for details.

    Spotlight Workshop of the Day – The Complete Wall Fitness Pilates 2 Part Workshop Details Love Rachel x Any questions whats app me 07976 268672 If its admin question please email or use the C2GO messenger

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