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How To LAUNCH Your New Class – LIVE

Launch With A Masterclass.

Book a venue and sell your tickets.
Recoup your course investment create a BUZZ around a launch masterclass  and ceate amazing social media content for yur business and brand.
Do the masterclass as:
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Weekly Course
  • One-off Special Workshop.
  • Charity event
  • School event.
  • Corporate Welless event.
  • Studio event.
Go Online.
Create an online group and do 7/14/21 day FP Relaxation making your own audios and film mini mobility and relaxation workouts.
Get over to LINKEDIN and start networking with local businesses offer your services for wellness days, 30-minute lunchtime chill outs and recharge sessions.
*Contact Coworking spaces locally and offer to go in and do Recharge and Relax Sessions.
What is the Fitness Pilates Mindful, Breathing & Relaxation Class – How To pitch it
**Fitness Pilates Mindful, Breathing & Relaxation Class**
The Fitness Pilates Mindful Breathing & Relaxation Class is slow and restorative exercise and stress-reducing session.
The class begins with breathing and gentle mobility exercises allowing the body to move and feel free and energised.
The focus of the class is to reduce stress through Fitness Pilates movements, breath and guided relaxation.
The class is taught in a group exercise format to calming & peaceful music with techniques and methodology that can be applied to everyday life.
The class is suitable for men and women and can help mental health and wellbeing.
Make a video with you talking about what it is and send it along to local businesses via Linkedin.


Music Ideas

Pure Energy ProMix Mind Body 22 Click Here 

Fitness Pilates Mini Destress Workouts For Ideas


Fitness Pilates Destress

Destress 2

Back Revitaliser and  Energiser

Destress with Bands

Destress with Stability Ball

Fitness Pilates Destress Standing Dynamic and Functional