Fitness Pilates VIP Club

The Fitness Pilates VIP Club is back with your monthly video workshops.
  • Discounts on music
  • Discounts on courses and training
  • Monthly Exercise Focus
  • Warm Up Ideas Workshop
  • Fitness Pilates For Older Adults Part 1
  • Sequences and Flow Part 1
  • Wrist Work


⭐⭐⭐Only £17 a MONTH………YES, that’s right ONLY £17 a month! No Ties Ins. No Hidden Costs. No Penalty For Cancelling⭐⭐⭐

Take all the information and APPLY IT. USE IT. TAKE ACTION as quickly as you can.

You can join watch every single video and cancel – there is hours of content and more content being added to every month.

To become a member of the FP VIP Club you don’t need to have completed the FP Training.