Fitness Pilates VIP Club

The Fitness Pilates VIP Club monthly video workshops.
  • 6 Videos every month PLUS bonus videos
  • Practical exercises,sequences, flows and progressions
  • Ideas for Mini Balls, Activation Bands, Weights, Foam Rollers, Bands and more
  • Ideas for all styles of Pilates Classes


⭐⭐⭐Join As Premier member member for only £17 per month.

⭐⭐⭐We are now opening up the membership again and taking on the next 50 Instructors – Once those places are filled the membership will close!

  ⭐⭐⭐No Ties Ins. No Hidden Costs. No Penalty For Cancelling

*Month 1  VIP Contains*
Video 1: Warm Up Ideas And Mindfulness In Fitness Pilates
Video 2: Standing Balance For Older Adults
Video 3: Wrist Mobility & Strength
Video 4: Seated Flow Sequence
Video 5: Hip Mobility For All In FP
Month 2 VIP Contains.
Video 1: Posterior Chain Warm Up
Video 2 Lumbo pelvic exercises for stiff lower backs
Video 3 Floor Work Flow – Side Lying, Swan, Neck Pull
Video 4: Hip Openers & Extended Bridging.
Video 5: Simple Box Breathing For Stress Reduction.
Month 3 VIP

Video 1: Glute Activation with the Mini Ball
Video 2: Foundational Flow Sequence 1
Video 3: Foundational Flow Sequence 2
Video 4: Foundational Flow sequence 3
Video 5: Standing Ideas with the Mini Ball
BONUS: Full Body Strength Activation Workout
BONUS: Full Body Fitness Pilates EMOM With Bands

Month 4 VIP
Video 1: Happy Feet and Happy Hand with the Spiky Ball
Video 2: Ab Curl Prep and Side Lying Moves with the Mini Ball
Video 3: Mini Ball Warm Ups and Activations
Video 4: Advanced Mat Challenge
Video 5: Dynamic Fitness Pilates Workshop

Month 5 VIP

Video 1: Warm up Dynamic Flow

Video 2:  Standing Fitness Pilates With Weights

Video 3: Fitness Pilates Mat with Light Weights

Video 4:  Fitness Pilates Activation Band WS, Prone Side Lying

Video 5: Fitness Pilates Focus Exercises for Adductors

Video 6: Fitness Pilates Mini Flow For Beginners

PLUS Bonus videos

Month 6 VIP

Video 1: Dynamic and active Warm Up Ideas

Video 2: Active and Dynamic Standing Sequences

Video 3: Active and Dynamic Transition Sequences

Video 4: Active and Dynamic Floorwork Flow

Video 5 – 12:  How To Create a Fitness Pilates Healthy Backs and Better Posture 6 week Progressive Course including step by step video ideas


FP VIP Month 7
Month 7 Continues with over 26 videos taking you from week 4 to week 8 in Healthy Backs and Better Posture With Fitness Pilates course.
There is a lot of amazing content here and shows you exactly how to create and what to deliver in a Fitness Pilates For Healthy Backs Course.

Video 1 Fitness Pilates Flow With Kelly 20 minutes
Video 2 – 26 Week 4 to Week 8 Of Step By Step Healthy Backs and Improve Your Posture Course.


FP VIP Month 8

FP VIP Month 8
Video 1 Back To Basics With Kelly
Video 2 FP Dyna Bands With kelly
Video 3 FP FP Mini Ball with Kelly
Video 4 FP Sequences With Rachel
Video 5 FP Foan Roller With Rachel


Month 9 VIP

Video 1 Infinity Band Mini Workshop

Video 2 Standing Barre Ball Combination

Video 3 Simple Activation Band Warm Up

Video 4 Fitness Pilates Activation Band Full Workout

Video 5 Fitness Pilates Basic Posture Assessment

Video 6 Fitness Pilates Activation Band Basic Supine


Month 10 VIP

Video 1 Fitness Pilates Activation Band Deep Activation

Video 2 Fitness Pilates Seated, Prone and Side Lying

Video 3 Organic Abdominals with Kelly

Video 4 Advanced Sequences Live Workshop with Kelly

Video 5 Hip and Shoulder Live Sequences with Kelly

Video 6 Standing Core with Kelly

Video 7 How to Create a Back Care Course

Video 8 In Depth Posture Analysis

Video 9 BONUS


Month 11 VIP

Video 1 Warm up with Band

Video 2 Banded Barless Barre

Video 3 Banded Transitions Standing to all Fours and Prone Yin and Yogalates Inspired

Video 4 Banded all core Connection

Video 5 Fun Ideas for Advanced Clients

Video 6 Bonus

Video 7 4 Flows

Video 8 Mini Ball and Spiky Ball Ideas

Video 9 Mat Ideas with Activation Band

Video 10 Sequence with Kelly







Take all the information and APPLY IT. USE IT. TAKE ACTION.

To become a member of the FP VIP Club you don’t need to have completed the FP Training.