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  • How Do I Best Help My Pilates Clients While Teaching online?

    How Do I Best Help My Pilates Clients While Teaching Online?

    One of the biggest challenges of teaching Pilates and fitness online is ensuring clients understand and perform the exercises correctly.

    It’s important for clients to pay attention to form and technique — especially while working out at home — so they move safely and effectively and avoid injury.

    Teaching clients virtually has become a necessary part of our world, and has given both instructors and clients an opportunity to continue training through lockdowns, restrictions and busy lifestyles.

    Here are some things instructors can keep in mind when teaching virtually to help their clients achieve the proper form and technique:

    • Keep it simple: Sticking to simple movement patterns can reduce the risk of error. 
    • Show and tell: When taking an online class, clients often need to see the movement first so they understand what to do. Demonstrate the movement once or twice with clear directions.
    • Different strokes: Each client will respond to a certain type of cueing; however, you may have a variety of learners in a group. After demonstrating, cue the movement using imagery, anatomy and directional words. 
    • Raise the bar: If you’re looking for ways to increase the challenge in simpler movements, add resistance with hand weights…try challenging endurance by adding pulses, holding positions or moving very slowly


    A few tips for providing exercise corrections:

    • Make sure you can see your participants well. Have them position their camera so it shows most of their body on the mat or equipment. 
    • Encourage them to wear fitted clothing. 
    • Mute all participants. 
    • Ensure your teaching area is clear, uncluttered, quiet and well lit. 

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