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Step 1: Go Through The Whole Dashboard – Decide if you want to teach LIVE Classes or take your programme online.

Step 2: Begin Marketing and promoting your offering online, in your existing classes and with your regular clients locally and via social media.

Step 3: Decide your pricing  – Pay as you go or course.

Step 4: Set Your Launch date and work to promote your new LIFT LEAN sessions.

Step 5: LAUNCH and GO GO GO

Step 6: Choose your music. Go to Pure Energy and get 10% Discount using code RHPP http://www.pureenergymusic.com/

Step 7: Keep checking back here for more videos and updates on training.

Step 8: Do you want to participate in an Online Lift Programme Live with me to see how I run it and experience daily coaching? Join the Kick Start Members Club: https://www.kickstartfatloss.net/monthly-membership-customer-offer/

You can use ANY of my workouts from here in your online private groups but I recommend starting to film your own workouts as well.

Remember to watch all of the videos on how to set up your classes online and create a digital arm to your teaching.


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