*Become A Specialist* Huge demand around the UK for Pre & Post Specialist Classes* This course is on offer for a short period of time.

The Level 3 Award for Pre and Post Natal is aimed at Instructors wanting to run specialist Ante and Post Natal exercise, fitness and health classes and courses.



***SPECIAL OFFER *** The Course is £400 inc VAT

The Level 3 Award for Pre and Post Natal is aimed at Fitness Professionals wanting to run specialist Pre and Post Natal exercise, fitness and health classes and courses


To train learners to a professionally competent level, enabling them to design an individualised program for pre and post natal clients.

This is a huge growth opportunity for classes and services around the UK.

Once qualified to create your own brand and programme to serve local women.

Entry requirements

Any level 2 instructor can do it as long as they have ETM GYM AQUA or they can have level 3 PT yoga or pilates.

You have 2 years to complete the qualification

Qualification structure and credit value **This course is completed completely online**

  • Unit 1 Physical Activity and Health Considerations for the Pre and Post Natal Client (F/600/2568)
  • Unit 2 Design and Implement Exercise Programmes for the Pre and Post Natal Client (M/600/2596)


  • Worksheet
  • Portfolio of evidence


What does the course entail

  1. Worksheets To be completed in the LAP Physical Activity and health considerations for the pre and post natal client. You need to select a client pre/post natal to be a body for this course.
  2. Theoretical Case Study
  3. Weekly webinars with Kelly Reed-Banks



Design and Implement exercise programmes for :

The Pre/ Post-Natal Client (Gym programme card) or  The Pre/Post Natal Client (Group Exercise card) Use your client body to base the programme around.

A different session needs to be planned for each trimester

Risk Assessment for each trimester





FAQS for this qualification

How long will this qualification take?

The study time is a minimum of 51 hours

Where do I do my assessment?

All the course and course assessment is online you don’t have to GO anywhere

Do I have to do a DVD for assessment?

There is no practical DVD to be sent in.

Do I need to have face to face contact with my client for my case study?

Not essential but at least one contact would be good practice

Is this course suitable for Pilates Instructors?

Yes will definitely be beneficial if you want to add Post Natal Pilates classes to your timetable

Is the course only for groups?

It can work for groups and 1 to 1

If I cant find a PPN client can I still do the course

You can do it without but again would be advantageous to understand pregnancy and exercise

How much study time do I need

51 hours minimum study and practice time.

Information Video

Funding Options

Funding from EDMUK is available for this course

Bursaries, funding and payment plans