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    How To Use Short Form Video To Build Your Business


    How To Use Short Form Video To Build Your BusinesS – YouTube Shorts, IG Reels, Tiktok Ideas

    Wednesday Business Building Webinar 26th January 2022 1 – 2pm

    *Instagram Reels
    *YouTube Shorts
    *****And REELS are coming to Facebook….are you ready?

    As a FitPro short-form video is so much easier to create and can grow your social media accounts EXPONENTIALLY and grow your business with new class members and clients.

    Join me on Wednesday for a full-on action-packed webinar going through:

    *Youtube Shorts – How to create content quickly and easily for youtube shorts and as Youtube is the largest search engine this is a key platform to use.

    *IG Reels – You don’t have to be dancing or pointing you can build a substantial business using Reels in a much easier way let me give you the best TIPS!

    *TIKTOK has now taken over from Facebook as the most downloaded social media platform. YOu will be AMAZED how easy it is to create content for Tiktok

    Let me show you how to use these platforms quickly and easily with all the latest tips and tricks to maximise these amazing platforms.

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