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    Women’s Health and Wellbeing Group Fitness Peri to Post Menopause Course


    Women’s Health and Wellbeing Group Fitness Coaching Course With Rachel & Kelly


    Join Rachel and Kelly for a 4-week modular course to gain a thorough understanding of creating a modern Women’s Health & Wellbeing Course start now online.

    Understand key information on each topic, lesson planning, practical ideas, creating fitness classes around each topic, talks and workshops relevant to Group Fitness.

    Timetable for the 4 sessions:

    Session 1


    Healthy Eating and Balanced Nutrition for Women Through Key Life Stages – Workshop & Practical

    Macro & Micro Nutrients

    Super Foods

    Planning & Prep

    Food Behaviours

    Healthy Habits

    Calorie Deficit/ TDEE

    Eating For Life & Longevity 


    Session 2 


    Training,  Eating & Recovery

    Class Ideas & Exercise Adaptations.

     *Polycystic Ovaries


    *Heavy Periods – Training & Nutrition.


    *Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle

    *Understanding the changes during the menstrual cycal.


    Session  3


    Training, Nutrition and Recovery



    *Training and nutrition while trying to conceive.

    *Training & Nutrition during IVF.

    *The impact on mental health during IVfF.


    Session 4


    *Understanding the Stages of Menopause

    *Menopause Nutrition.

    *Key Hormonal changes.

    *Understanding symptoms

    *Class designed adaptation.

    *Exercise Intensity 



     *Stress Management

    *Menopause Pelvic Health 

    *Mental Health during menopause



    Certificate of attendance awarded. session is recorded and added to your member area if you cant make any of the weeks Lives.

    Each session contains slides for you to recreate your own Women Health & Wellbeing Course.



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