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  • Rachel Holmes Fitness Business Newsletter 19 Feb 2024

    Here are some quick tips to market and promote your business this week, that Is working well for me at the moment.  
    Repurpose Content:  THIS IS HUGE! I can’t emphasis enough the importance of repurposing old content on social media to save time and maintain engagement. A past successful post was reused, leading to significant viewer engagement and new program sign-ups, I reposted a Walkfit video and it went viral within 10 hours resulting in new clients signing up to my Walkfit™ challenge
    Use Themes for Engagement: Implementing daily or weekly themes (e.g., Motivational Monday, Wellness Wednesday) can structure your content and make it more engaging for your audience.
    Focus on Niche Programs: Offering specialised programs like Beginners, pelvic health, Baby Boomers e knee-friendly workouts attracts specific segments of the audience, showcasing the importance of targeting niche markets for better conversion rates.
    Social Media Strategies: It’s crucial to have a clear call to action in social media posts to direct potential clients towards paid programs.  Reels on Facebook get incredible reach and the importance of timing your posts to reach a broader audience but make sure you have a strong call to action.
    Building a Community: Network with other Fitpros and share digital workouts. Featuring “guest instructors”in your online studio can introduce variety and keep the content fresh. I am showcasing Instructors all week in my Studiolive.cluband the feedback has been awesome from my members.
    Customer Journey and Feedback: Understanding your customer journey from free or trial offerings to paid memberships is vital for conversion. Have you got a clear customer journey.
    Newsletter and Offers: Regular newsletters and special offers keep your audience informed and engaged, potentially leading to increased participation in new programs or offers.
    Engagement and Competitions: Organising competitions can significantly boost engagement and interest in your offerings on IG specifically.
    Content Bank: Having a bank of content, including exercises, tips, and workouts ready for posting can save time and ensure consistency in your social media presence.  ⚡Would this HELP you? ️ Are you struggling to keep up with social media and do you run out of ideas of what to post on social – mainly Facebook and Instagram plus run out of  ideas for your groups? I am considering creating a 30 day plan with daily post ideas for Group Fitness Instructors so before I go ahead and create that as it would be a ton of work 🤩🤩🤩is that something that would help you and your business? I have set  up a quick pop-up  private facebook group to  get some feedback from you.  Already about 160 people have joined If you think could help you and you’d like to join the group   whats app me your comments 

    07976 268672

    Rachel x

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