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  • Who can do pilates? And how can I increase activity?

    Who can do pilates? And how can i increase activity?

    We truly believe Pilates can be a lifelong habit for anyone, at any age, and for any BODY!

    It is a low impact, full body workout that focuses on strength as well as flexibility and posture – ensuring you can move through life feeling great, injury free and moving well.


    One thing I hear regularly is an increase in back, neck and wrist pain caused from hours sitting behind a desk, staring at your computer. So what can you do to stay healthy, flexible and pain-free while working from home? And how can you avoid that hunched forward posture which is the result of desk working?

    Even a small amount of light activity every 30 minutes will keep your blood glucose concentrations at a normal level and help maintain better mobility and prevent aches and pains.

    1. Walk daily

    Motion really is lotion for your body, so fundamentally you need to move more! Start your day positively with a 20-minute walk if you can. A circular brisk walk to begin your day will increase your heart rate, calm your nervous system and lubricate your joints. To increase the benefit to your mental health, do it without distraction; so no phone or headphones. and just take in what you see, and even better if you can make it to a place with some trees.

    2. Add Regular Movement Into Your Day

    Take time to get up every 30 minutes to move and stretch – don’t worry too much about stretching in an official way try simple mobility exercises.

    3. Create An At-Home Practice

    Build an exercise practice into your working day. You could use your lunch break to take a fitness class like pilates or a walk.

    4. Build Habits Start small and build positive habits week on week. That way you’re more likely to create lasting change. Adding just 15 minutes of extra movement into your day is going to transform how you feel, your posture will improve and your health will thank you. Below are some of my favourite 15-minute classes to get you started.


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