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  • Why train to teach menopause clients?

    While most know that hot flashes and the end of menstrual periods signify the menopausal process, there are also associated mental and physical health risks that are critical to determining an overall health plan and helping your clients in the best way possible.
    Because osteoporosis risk skyrockets following menopause (estrogen is needed to help lay down bone), strength training is especially vital. Strength training exercises will help to build bone and muscle strength, burn body fat, and rev up your metabolism.
    Menopause Coaches act as lifestyle coaches by providing recommendations and support for you in implementing habits to better manage menopause symptoms. Menopause Coaches cannot prescribe medications or diagnose or treat symptoms, but can work to support you with exercise and nutritional plans.
    One study showed that women who lived sedentary lives had more severe menopause symptoms than active women. Another study found that regular exercise could prevent postmenopausal symptoms significantly.

    So how can you help?

    Find out all about our MENOFIT™ Teacher Training Course

    Friday 30th September  10:30am – 3pm on Zoom

    • Are you a Fitpro and would like to offer your own MENOFIT Programme?
    • Train to Teach MENOFIT™
    • Join for Rachel for the very first LIVE MENOFIT™ Teacher Training Course
    • Work with Rachel LIVE On the Training  and make a plan with how to create, deliver and market your own MENOFIT™ programme.
    • Plus online prerecorded Workshops to help you.
    • Create Menofit Programmes for online, in person or Corporate.

    MENOFIT™ Teacher Training

    • Full Menofit™ Teacher Training Manual 
    • Training Workshops delivered LIVE on ZOOM with Rachel.
    • Additional Menofit™ Teaching Workshops.
    • Access to the 21 day Menofit™ Programme for help with structure.
    • How To structure, plan and market your own Menofit™ , Workshops & Talks.
    • Use of the Menofit™ brand, logos, marketing material and trademarks.

    Part 1 

    Where do we fit in as Fitness Profesionals helping our menopausal clients

    The stages of Menopause

    Symptoms of Menopause 

    Hormones – An overview of Hormones.

    Menopause Research and Data 

    Lifestyle Changes 

    HRT Resources and Referring On.

    Part 2 

    Cardiac Health

    Muscle & Bone Health

    Mental Health


    Part 3 


    Weight loss and weight gain

    Midsection Weight gain.

    Habit Stacking

    Food Behaviours

    Calorie counting v Healthy Habits

    Macro an MIcro Nutrients

    How to modify a healthy diet for Menopause.


    Stress Management 

    Part 4


    Class ideas and Formats 

    LIIT, Mobility, Fitness Pilates, Knee Friendly & Joint Friendly Workouts

    Pelvic Floor Updates

    Weighted Workouts 

    Part 5

    Coaching skills 

    How To create your successful MENOFIT™ programme

    How to structure talks and workshops.

    How to create a better online experience for your clients – tech updates.

    Personal boundaries.

    How to protect your energy

    Pricing and promotion

    Click here to learn more

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