KS EXTREME Workout Package with Rachel Holmes & Kelly Reed-Banks

 GET THE FULL PACKAGE 2 X DVD  3 x Music CDs Plus Digital Branding and Posters all for £97 + VAT + POSTAGE

High Intensity Interval Results driven workouts are amazingly popular right now. Pumping music, pumping sweat and the best and most intense bodyweight exercises deliver outstanding results.

EVERYONE can participate in a KS EXTREME workout. We have created THE perfect formats for your customers & clients.

Each format will  include theory & practical content.

Here are the 4 KS EXTREME Class Concepts.

KS EXTREME with Rachel Holmes

Rachel will take your fitness & training  beyond anything you have done before. Mixing up the intervals and timings with powerful moves,  plyometrics and the ultimate in body weight training.

For the ultimate instruction Rachel uses positive affirmations as she teaches you how to create a thorough mind body workout that will captivate, inspire and take your teaching to a whole new level.  The aim of KS Extreme is to unplug your class members from the average and define a whole new era of extreme training that has limitless possibilities.

KS Spiked with Kelly Reed-Banks

KS Spiked works on 30:30 ratio in 30 minute blocks. Kelly mixes up imaginative cardio training with inventive body weight work. Change up the intervals and spike the heart rate and you have another challenging format to throw into your KS EXTREME mix.

KS Supreme with Kelly

We appreciate many people have joint and back problems. They want to train as intensely as everyone else, but the super high jumping is not always feasible. We have created the KS Supreme Workout. It’s still a challenging and intense programme but without the jumping & jogging.
Cueing & multilevel modifications are Kelly’s secret weapon in KS Supreme, making this an achievable workout for all levels, ages and niggly injuries.

KS FP with Rachel

Join Rachel for an exhilarating HIIT Fitness Pilates workout. Working with 60 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest in this 45 minute express class. Mixing classical, functional, standing and Fitness Pilates key moves and principals in a bang on trend class. KS FP is a magical workout fusing HIIT, FP & positivity teaching cues. The class closes with Rachel’s Busy Body meditation tactics, visualisation and 1 minute chill.

  • 3 x Licence Free KS EXTREME CD’s created by Pure Energy.
  • 2 x Workshop DVD.
  • Membership to the online KS EXTREME Professionals Members area.
  • Digital Poster, Logos, Press releases, Blog posts, Articles & Social Media Branding.

This is not a monthly subscription, it is a one off payment for all of the above. You are not tied into a monthly fee or have any obligation. The full pack arms you with at least 12 month’s worth of usable class content, music & promotional material.


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