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The brand new concept in Group Exercise has now LAUNCHED and classes are starting all over the UK!

YOU can access the training now as an online certification.

Accredited by NASM – The National Academy of Sports Medicine and AFFAnasm-and-afaa

See what The Brain Fit Workout looks like:



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••You Can Now Do The Full Brainfit Training Certification As An ONLINE Programme.

You need to be a qualified Fitness Professional, School Teacher Or Dance Teacher. Scroll down for more information ••


So what is The BrainFit Workout™?

The BrainFit Workout™ is:

 Regular mindfulness practice, through simple repetitive movement, affirmations and meditation, is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, anxiety, and well-being. It leads to peace of mind, clarity, greater focus and creativity and a happier life.

Rachel looks at how to include mindset coaching in your group exercise class.

Identifying language cues, imagery, journaling and goal setting

within the BrainFit Workout™



What is included in the online training?




Join Rachel Holmes on this new journey of Group Exercise.

There are an initial 100 places on the ONLINE CERTIFICATION.

Special Launch price is £129 + VAT for the first 100 Online Instructors


If you are ready to make the change and looking for a new direction join
The New Movement and Meditation Movement

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