Annual Membership to KSFL for 12 Months

Once you have completed one of my KSFL courses you can now take out an annual membership and jump into any group that I start.

You know how important the group support can be to your success and the whole group community to help keep you on track. I also continue to modify, update and improve the plan every time I run a course. Personally, I hadn’t considered implementing an annual membership but have been requested by so many former KSFL that this would work for them and keep them on track. Once your membership has been activated you are able to jump into any new groups as I start them, just email me when you see the group and I will add you in.

2 Membership Level

There will be 2 membership levels:


Platinum Membership


Includes full access to the Maintenance and Lifestyle KSFL Information

Access to ALL KSFL2012 groups for the next 12 months

One of Fee is £127 this is an introductory fee and will go up to £197 on 15th July


Gold Membership


Includes access to all KSFL2012 groups for the next 12 months

£97 This is an introductory offer and will go up to  £147 on 15th July


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