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    Fitness Pilates Love – The Positive Practice Workout

    Fitness Pilates Love – The Positive Practice Workout

    Created by Rachel Holmes


    Fitness Pilates LOVE – The Positive Practice

    This is a full workout designed for Instructors to enjoy and experience – Perform this workout every day for 7 days.

    Over the last 11 years I’ve taken FP in all kinds of unique directions by incorporating standing, sequences, routines and I was the first to introduce functional training and created functional Fitness Pilates which no one had done before. I’ve taken into in schools and done it with 5 – 7years kids, Ive made it physically demanding and challenging but now I’ve stripped it right back to the most low key and basic fundamental movements coupled wit powerful affirmations and mantras. Marrying together physical movement with mantras is seriously powerful. You are putting action behind your intentions (Thoughts/Goals) giving them more power and intensity.

    Overview of Fitness Pilates Love – The Positive Practice

    *The class begins with Intention – We set the class and daily intention

    *Standing Warm up with Positive Affirmations – 4 very simple routines that each have a unique positive affirmation that we say together outloud – (Chanting)

    * Before we go down to the floor we do a standing 1 minute meditation – preparing the mind for the FP Love Positive Practice.

    * Floorwork – working though fundamental Fitness Pilates exercises each has a positive affirmation attached to it that we say outloud together as we perform the exercise.

    “Now then I can already preempt what you are saying in your head right now…..Saying positive affirmations outloud in a class??? This is going to seem a bit groovy, freaky and “out there” but trust me. At the beginning you say the affirmations quietly in your mind, then you move to a whisper, they a normal voice then when you really get into your put force behind it and that really shifts your energy into a new higher level. Like everything it just takes practice.

    Who is this aimed at – Experienced Fitness Pilates Teachers who are looking & interested in a the mind body link, law of attraction, positive self talk, quantum physics. The exercises contained are very low key and simple – FP Fundamentals coupled with Positive Affirmations and Positive Self Talk. You will need to do this workout and experience to really understand the feelings behind it.

    6 Tokens
    Length: 45 mins FPVIP Members do not need to purchase this is Month 24
    £ 9.99+ VAT
    Size: HUGE FILE Needs a fast broadband connections please notes this is DOWNLOAD ONLY nothing is sent to you in the post

    Click here to purchase this download

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