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  • Instructor Newsletter 19th December


    As an avid reader and consumer of self development books, audios and courses, positive thinking, affirmations, the power of intention, desire and actual mindfulness has been on my back burner for the majority of my fitness career. There have been points where I’ve dabbled ferociously doing my daily affirmations, writing endless to do lists, creating vision boards, consciously thinking, wanting and feeling how I want my life to look like with my usual intensity, and then forgetting about it for a weeks or months, then suddenly another trigger and I’m back at it full speed ahead. Are you a dabbler or full on?

    Then I got it. In a moment of inspiration while attempting the  ‘Rachel Holmes” version of my daily meditation practice, I knew I needed to marry up all of these ideas that have been swirling around in my head. My love of Movement (Fitness/Training/Dance/Running/Weights/Gym/Fitness Pilates) with Music (All kinds from Ibiza to Club to Chart) incorporating Mantras (Positive Affirmations/Mantras/) to get Miracles (Feeling Fab)

    I have been inspired to create a Fitness Pilates Fusion of dynamic FP exercises with meditation, positive psychology & quantum physics. It all needs to come together in one very cool, hip & trendy package that isn’t scary for the great British Public to experience.  I felt an intensely strong desire to take FP to a new level that will make a huge difference to people’s lives mentally, physically and spiritually. A class that would motivate people to reach for their goals and really feel good about themselves.  A class that Instructors and Fitpros (like you) would take and enjoy for yourself personally. The Fitness Pilates Practice is the opportunity to feel good, empowered, courageous, enthusiastic, passionate, focused, confident & selflove. These are hugely powerful emotions so after your practice you feel awake, alive and empowered to reach your goals and dreams.

    Over the last 11 years I’ve taken FP in all kinds of unique directions by incorporating standing, sequences, routines and I was the first to introduce functional training and created functional Fitness Pilates, which no one had done before. I’ve taken it into  schools and done it with 5 – 7years kids. I’ve made it physically demanding and challenging,  but now I’ve stripped it right back to the most low key and basic fundamental movements, coupled with powerful affirmations and mantras. Marrying together physical movement with mantras is seriously  powerful.  You are putting strong action behind your intentions (Thoughts/Goals) giving them more power and intensity.

    Overview of Fitness Pilates Love Class
    *The class begins with Intention – We set the class and daily intention
    Standing Warm up with Positive Affirmations – 4 very simple routines that each have a unique positive affirmation that we say together out loud!
    Before we go down to the floor we do a standing 1 minute meditation.
    Floorwork – working though fundamental Fitness Pilates exercises each has a positive affirmation attached to it that we say out loud together as we perform the exercise.

    Now then, I can already preempt what you are saying in your head right now…..Saying positive affirmations out loud in a class??? This is going to seem a bit groovy, freaky and “out there” but trust me. At the beginning you say the affirmations quietly in your mind, then you move to a whisper, then a normal voice, then when you really get into it you put force behind it and that really shifts your energy into a new higher level. Like everything, it just takes practice and time. I’d love you try it out and of course I’m totally open to feedback as this is only the initial step.

    Everyone reading this newsletter has so much more to give and share with participants and I can feel a real conscious change. I know a few year’s ago I probably wouldn’t have  written about how much I have read self development books. I know I used to write about my love for The Secret, but if I had told you really about my obsession with personal growth you may have  thought me balmy! But, I truly believe now is the time to incorporate these simple practices into our fitness classes and our own lives personally. As I’ve been sharing with you my love for meditation and all things positive, I’ve received more feedback than ever, so I know many of you are thinking along the same lines. My intention is to create a fitness class package that we can deliver and inspire more and more people to reach their higher potential, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

    I would love you to road test my first Fitness Pilates Love Practice Download. It’s a 40minute class with Introduction, Warm Up, Floorwork. Be prepared to participate vocally as well as physically so you can take advantage of the powerful affirmations….I’d love your thoughts…

    Click here to view the Fitness Pilates Love Class Download

    Last week I got a fantastic response from  the questions I asked the female fitness trailblazers. So this week you have my own personal answers and regular C2GO Contributor Cori Withell’s. I hope you enjoy.

    Rachel’s Answers

    What has been your biggest fitness business achievement in 2013.

    Has to be Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee Business which officially launched 1st Jan. I  began training the original franchisees in September, although the concept was born way back in 2007. The nationwide clubs officially went live with 35 classes all over the UK. The business has grown more rapidly than I thought with all of the different offshoots, models and programmes. I have a strong 5 year plan in place and so far we are smashing all of the monthly targets and changing many more lives that I could ever have imagined. I won’t lie, the work load has been immense coupled with still teaching classes and running C2GO, which now has over 60k subscribers. It has been an epic year and I still feel we are only at the beginning. I’ve got so much more planned and lots of new directions to take KSFL. It’s really exciting and I’m looking forward to the future immensely.

    What are you planning on changing in 2014

    Yesterday I sat down with Mr Crawford for a planning & strategy meeting. Now, I have only been doing this since we started KSFL, but it has made such a difference to my business & personal life. Month by month we have targets, projects and goals and this really helps you move forward and not get overwhelmed. Looking back retrospectively to see what worked and what didn’t work as well as we thought and exactly what needs to be binned for 2014. This is a MUST for everyone. I have realized AGAIN that I cannot possibly do it all and still have a life, so I am taking on board staff & freelancers to work on various areas My PA the amazing Lesley is now working full time and I can do what I love the most which is creating new projects, speaking/teaching, marketing and roadtesting new classes/courses/choreography etc. No one can buy time and we never get time back, so I want to find people who can excel in the things I don’t and I can concentrate on driving though the pro jects I love doing. My plan is to do more of what I love and less of what I’m not very great at. Knowing your personal strengthens and weakness is  CRUCIAL to moving your fitness business forward.

    What are your goals for 2014 and where are you headed?

    For KSFL I am increasing the number of franchisees, pushing into corporate, taking KSFL into new markets such Hair & Beauty, Hotels, Schools, Police, NHS, Supermarkets and developing ONLINE into a much bigger platform. On the C2GO side, looking at the core business which is supporting Instructors with more class content/choreography ideas. Online Workshops, Webinars and LIve Streaming educational workshops, Developing new courses and qualification and a new perspective & approach with Fitness Pilates with the new Positive Practice element with events and online educational products. I’m also determined to finish Kick Start Fat Loss  and a Fitness Pilates book, which have both been on my yearly goals list for far too long.
    The Fitness industry still excites me. It’s my passion/obsession. I still jump out of bed every morning happy I’m in this industry and positive there’s more to achieve. I think ALL of us here have so much more potential to make such a difference in the world and I want to do more speaking events and talks to motivate female fitpros to get the courage to package up their knowledge and go out and spread their message. There truly is ENOUGH BUSINESS for all of us to go round and with the gift that is social media, if you REALLY, REALLY want it then I want to help inspire others to get out there, make some serious money dong what you love doing and help more and more people lead happier, healthier lives. I think we should all Play Big in 2014 and stop playing small and cut out the limiting thoughts and behavior we all carry around with us..

    Can you do some fitness future tipping and predict 2014 fitness trends.

    I agreed with all the contributors last week that mindfulness, meditation, authenticity and living your passion and truth is the key. If you really tap into your core desires, work out what YOU want out of life on a day to day basis. Live your truth and tap into your own intuition then you can do & create anything and it will be successful. We’ve done everything we can physically, it’s time now to consciously look at the mind and spirit and how we can bring them into our classes and services in a unique 2014 look and feel. I can feel this shift. Personally I’m not looking for the next “Zumba” It’s all about tapping into thoughts, feelings, desires and fostering a conscious approach to fitness. Positive thoughts and changing your perception will change your life and your life experiences and this is something I am hungry to explore more and more. I’m devouring books and audios on a daily basis as my thirst for this knowledge is growing, therefore, w eaving this into my physical fitness & services is my big goal.  My other top tip is for Fitpros to get better and practiced at speaking. So many people are turned off by group x. It’s just too scary, so by getting awesome at motivational speaking is a huge way of tapping into new markets. I plan on putting training events and workshops. Helping Fitpros transition into speakers is something I want to explore.

    5 Have you any advice to other fitpros you would like to pass on …. Any valuable lessons learned in 2013 you would like to pass on.

    Millions. Stop the toxic stuff the minute it goes toxic – Classes, clients, situations, people you really haven’t the time to pollute your mind with toxic crap. Be present in every thing you do (this is something I have to work hard on) Cut people some slack – you just don’t know what other people are going through sometimes. Don’t forget to smell the roses – we get so busy with our  whirlwind lives we sometimes forget what really matters and what is important and you don’t always realise that until its gone. PLEASE I beg you not to sit on those ideas that you have – Make a move and run with them now, because someone else will or another year goes by. Who cares if you make a mistake, or do it wrong or make a wrong move. Just start, and start today. As soon as you get cracking it’s like a gravitational pull, you’ll feel great because you got going and that will inspire you to keep going until you get the project finished.  Don’t waste time – it’s to o precious.

    To quote my amazing friend Andrew Crawford
    “Do More, Be More, Give More and Love More”

    Let me know what you think Tweet me@RachelHolmes

    Cori Withell

    Hi all. So when Rachel sent me through the email asking for my thoughts for the newsletter, mainly I was flattered to be asked!  Then I ummed and ahhed as to whether to do it because I wasn’t sure I was ‘qualified’ enough to do it, but then I thought, what the heck, in for a penny, in for a pound, so here goes. I would love to know what you think 😉

    2013 has been a bit of a roller coaster year. Well, a roller coaster few years as it turns out, but it as also been the culmination of so many thoughts and projects and ideas and I am finishing this year feeling more fulfilled in my work than I ever was before.  The reason?  My dedication to emotional and mental well being and fitness.  I had no idea how impassioned it would make me, how much completely awesome people I would meet and have the privilege to help.  So, know it may not be seen as a fitness achievement but I will always see brain health as fitness 🙂

    2014 is looking scary!!!!
    I have so many projects on the go and talk about juggling too many pies (mood food ones of course 😉
    I have been busy working since September on a series of workshops that will go live next year.  Firstly looking at the main mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia to name a but a few.  They will be practical and interactive workshops looking at why it is so difficult to get support, what you can do to help yourself and more importantly, the opportunity to be with like minded people.  Leaving on a positive goes without saying.

    One of the main things I realised this year was that I had cut back on too many of my classes.  Some were not my fault, I was in a car crash in August that has caused some long standing back and neck damage so some classes had to go but I took the opportunity to cut out too many thinking I could concentrate on my coaching.  It was great, I could.  There was one massive drawback.  Being stuck in my office day after day with my gorgeous dog (you do all know Diesel don’t you 😉 was doing nothing for my own mood!  So, looking forward to 2014 with a re-vamped timetable with classes that I can manage for the long term and then hopefully when my back gets better, I can add the old favourites back in too!

    Looking forward in fitness I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that coaching will become more and more important.   In the last two years, mental fitness has become more and more prevalent.  There is still an awfully long way to go and the stigma that everyone says is disappearing is still way too big!  For myself, I will be working with some NHS memory clinics looking at patients with dementia, with a Mum with Alzheimers and a benign brain tumour, this is of particular interest to me.  Brain health has been ignored for way too long, we are what we eat, that is the ultimate truth to me.  Our brain, and our second brain being the heart deserve far more respect than what they currently get.  Keep mentally active and well, be surrounded by love and kindness and I am pretty sure the health of the nation would improve.  Bold words maybe, but ones that I completely, utterly and passionately believe in.

    Any advice I offer fellow fit pros is always the same, so apologies for the broken record!  We work so damn hard, our clients have no idea of the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, on top of everything we do, we train for ourselves, we tell our clients to look after themselves, to keep stress levels low and to take time out for themselves, to relax.  Yet when do we ever do that for ourselves?  Yes, maybe every once in a while but never enough.  Is it the end of the world if you forget your two hourly tweet or your morning Facebook plug?  Is it worth burning out for?  We do an incredible job, we change peoples lives day after day after day for often, very little thanks.  If I were able to change one thing for 2014, it would be to ensure that every one had time out for themselves before it got to a point where they had to have it or crumble – this is no exaggeration, it happens all the time!

    Health and happiness x
    Cori Withell – The Progressive Mind Coach

    Follow The Yellow Brick Road
    By Andrew Crawford

    Following on from my article a couple of weeks ago called ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ I promised you that I would give you some examples…well….here they are…

    But before’s something not to follow..

    “…………With due Respect and Humanity I write to donate and hand over this fund to you for orphanages and widows / less privileged and propagate the gospel of God(US$2.6M) Two million six hundred thousand dollars deposited in a security firm in Cote d’Ivoire by my late husband. I, Mrs. Grace Barak, 68 years old without a child, married to late Engr.Abraham Barak from Israel who worked with Oil company (PETROCI) Cote d’Ivoire before he died in the year 2012 after a Cardiac Arteries Operation, presently my doctor said I will not last for four months due to Colon Cancer, you are requested to send your full name, telephone and fax number with your resident address for documentation process to transfer the fund to you without any hindrance to accomplish our vow to God. Always pray for me daily…………….”

    Needless  to say, I will not be sending  my details  and neither should you..!!

    So…without further ado lets crack on with these examples. Follow me..

    What has following got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well…..the following examples are a guide to claiming expenses when you use your home as an office. (See my previous article). This demonstrates the principles to be followed. These examples are not intended to be prescriptive; each case will be dependant on the facts. Your case may be slightly different.
    Example 1
    Sarah Jane writes up her business records at home. She uses a room solely for business use for a short period each week. She estimates that £104 covers the cost of the proportion of the establishment costs, plus the electricity for heating and lighting. ??Although the claim for £104 is obviously an estimate of £2 per week, the claim is small and reflects the facts of the case. It is a reasonable estimate of the expense incurred. No enquiries are necessary.

    Example 2
    John runs a small Bootcamp. He uses one small room at home as an office, exclusively for the purposes of his trade . The room represents 5% of the floor area of the house. ??His Council Tax, insurance and mortgage interest bills total £4,500. He claims 5%, £225. ??His electricity bill for heating & lighting is £300. He claims £15, which is 5% of the total. ??His total claim is £240 (plus the business proportion of his phone bill). ??Although John has apportioned his electricity bill by floor area rather than usage, the amount claimed is small and there is nothing to suggest that his business use is significantly greater or lesser than his private use. It can be accepted as a reasonable estimate.

    Example 3
    Cindey runs a small nutrition business. She uses the spare bedroom at home as her office except for a week at Easter and a week at Christmas. All she does is to write up her records, once a week. ??The house has 10 rooms. Cindey calculates that her business expense, based on 1/10 of the total costs would be £450. Cindey recognises that this is far too much for what she actually does at home. ??She estimates that £104 covers the cost of the proportion of the establishment costs, plus the electricity for heating and lighting. ??Although the claim for £104 is obviously an estimate of £2 per week, the claim is small and reflects the facts of the case. It is a reasonable estimate of the expense incurred. No enquiries are necessary.

    Example 4
    Chris is an author working from home. She uses her living room from 8am to 12am. During the evening, from 6pm until 10pm it is used by her family. The room used represents 10% of the area of the house. ??The fixed costs including cleaning, insurance, Council Tax and mortgage interest, etc total £6600. A tenth of the fixed establishment costs is £660. For the purposes of fixed costs, one sixth (4/24) of the use by time is for business, so Chris claims £110. ??She uses electricity for heating, lighting and to power her computer, which costs £1500 per annum. Chris considers an apportionment of these costs by time and area. A tenth of the costs are £150 and half of these costs by time (4/8) relate to business use, she claims £75. ??She also uses the telephone to connect to the internet for research purposes. Her itemised telephone bill shows that a third of the calls made are business calls. She can claim the cost of those calls plus a third of the standing charge.

    Example 5
    The facts are as in example 4. ??Chris has some work done on the house. She has the exterior painted and at the same time has the dining room re-decorated. ??What, if anything, can she claim as a deduction? ??The exterior painting is a general household cost. She can claim a proportion based on business use. ??Chris does not use her dining room for business purposes. The cost of redecorating the dining room is not an allowable expense.

    Example 6
    Gordon, an architect, dedicates a room solely for use as his office between 9am and 5pm daily. The room contains a workstation, office furniture and storage for his drawings. He uses the room for an average of 4 hours each day, though often this is spread over his working 8 hour day as he has a number of regular site visits to make. In addition it is not uncommon for Gordon to accommodate clients in his office to discuss plans, outside of normal hours. ??The room is available for domestic use outside of business hours and his family regularly make use of the room for around 2 hours each evening. ??After apportioning costs by reference to the number of rooms in the house, Gordon calculates the room uses £300 of variable costs (electric and oil) and £600 of fixed costs (council tax, mortgage interest, insurance). In apportioning these costs by time Gordon claims £680 in total, made up of 4/6 of variable costs (£200) and 8/10 of fixed costs (£480). ??The claim equates to 75% of the total costs attributable to the room (£680/£900), which Gordon views as a more straightforward but equally reasonable basis for future claims, should his circumstances remain unchanged.

    Example 7
    Bill entertains a number of customers at his home. Each time he hires caterers and also a firm of cleaners. ??Although Bill has used his home for business purposes, he cannot claim any of the costs as there is legislation that disallows entertaining costs.

    You follow?

    I wish you festive spirit, lots of pressies, copious amounts of alcohol, family gatherings, head aches, hang overs and hair of the dog……ALL paid for by your own stash from your commercial bank….if you follow my meaning??

    Ain’t No Stopping Us Now……….Just click your heels 3 times and follow the yellow brick road…!!

    Seasons Greetings.xx

    Andrew James Crawford

    Have a wonderful Thursday Love always

    Rachel x

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