Annual KSFL Membership

If you have been through my KSFL progam you know how important the group is to your success. Accessing the group support can make the most difference in your quest to improve your body shape. So many former KSFL’ers have requested an annual membership where you can access any of the new groups I organise as a way to staying on track.

Every time I run a new monthly  KSFL group I update, improve and modify the plan to make it even better and more results focused.  You will be able to jump into every group ( if you would like to )

Annual membership was not something I planned on implementating but due to the many request  I am happy to unveil the annual level.

Platinum Membership

Access to monthly KSFL2012 groups for the next 12 months. You are able to jump on every group that I organise.

To purchase annual KSFL Membership click here



Id like to clarify that the annual membership or KSFL online weight loss is not a training course or certification. It is for those wanting to partake in the group and lose weight.

KSFL material is trademarked and copyrighted.

You are only able to take part in one group at a time per month and must start the group from Day 1






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