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  • Why should all women be weight training?

    Why should all women be weight training?

    1. Strength Training Builds And Maintains Muscle Mass.
    Resistance training, relies on you lifting increasingly larger amounts of weight, which signals your muscles to adapt and grow bigger and/or stronger.
    2. Strength Training Makes Your Joints Stronger.
    Since most strength training exercises are lower-impact, you can build muscle strength and endurance with less stress on the joints. Any weight-bearing workout will actually help strengthen your joints.
    3. Strength Training Is One Of The Best Forms Of Low-Impact Cardio Exercise.
    While it’s more difficult to build muscle via aerobic exercise, strength training is actually one of the best, low-impact cardio workouts.
    4. Strength Training Supports Weight Loss And Weight Management.
    Lifting weights helps you to burn calories and stored energy more efficiently, and strength training is a surefire way to increase your lean muscle mass, which in turn, helps your body burn off more of the fuel you consume from food every day rather than store it as excess energy in the form of fat cells.
    5. Strength Training Improves Your Cardiovascular Health.
    Recent studies show that weight training can be just as effective as cardio in promoting heart health.
    6. Strength Training Protects Bone Health.
    Among its many other benefits, strength training can also help you maintain strong, healthy bones, which becomes only more important as you get older. Strength training supports bone density, so it can help lower your risk of osteoporosis.
    7. Strength Training Improves Your Mood and Mental Health.
    In addition to the physical benefits of strength training, there are mental health perks to consider, too. You feel powerful, which transcends your workout and sets the tone for your day.
    8. Strength Training May Actually Help You Live Longer.
    Do it correctly (think adequate rest and appropriate intensity), and you can strength train for your entire life—all while building and maintaining the strength you need to enjoy your days and favourite activities.
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