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  • C2GO Newsletter 17/11/16

    Todays newsletter is all about health and wellness
    and feeling vibrant and energetic, which sometimes
    by this time of year we don’t always.

    Health coaching and functional medicine is something
    I’m being drawn to on a daily basis. I’m fascinated by
    how much lifestyle interventions can benefit us all.

    Just the simple things – sleep, stress,
    healthy, nutrition and basic exercise worked into our
    daily lives can have dramatic effects.

    I’ve been doing so much research and looking at ways
    I can implement this wonderful information and new research
    and thinking into our Kick Start programmes and classes.

    Heading in a new direction is always exciting (and scary)
    carving out a new path for your business and
    following your heart
    and passion is something I totally believe in.

    So, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in for some
    big changes in 2017.

    How about you ?

    What are your plans for 2017?

    Have you made any?


    Mastering Your Mindset and Living A Lighter Life.

    I’m not sure if you have seen or participated in an online summit before but I am involved in my very first one.

    And I’d love you to see the interviews as they are amazing
    and totally FREE!


    My friend New York based Nutritionist and Health Coach
    Lisa Goldberg has put together an amazing line up
    of speakers (Including me. Yeah!)

    It’s all completely online and the event is called
    Your Mindset and Create a Lighter Life!

    It’s a must see for all health conscious people
    who want to get the very latest nutrition, hormones, mindset, motivation information.

    The interviews feature some of the worlds most prolific
    and innovative experts.

    You will not want to miss it.

    There will be so much information you can use to
    further your own personal knowledge.

    Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

    Look at this exciting topics:

    Discover how to Lose Weight Effortlessly
    Steps to overcome emotional eating, food obsession, chronic dieting and more
    Cure extreme cravings
    Jumpstart your metabolism
    Balance your hormones
    Make peace with food
    Heal your relationship with yourself and your body
    Tools to learn how to eat for your body (without a diet plan)
    To experience full freedom from food, where food is simply food
    How to End Self-Sabotage
    So, please place a reminder in your calendar and come prepared to be inspired!

    The summit begins on November 28th.

    Each day of the summit you will receive an email with the link to gain access to the speakers of the day.
    All you have to do is add your email to the link below

    If you haven’t joined an online summit before you will LOVE IT.
    You can watch on your phone, lap top or PC and you get tons
    of great bonuses for FREE from each speaker.

    Online summits are fab . No travelling. No event costs.
    just watch and learn in your PJ’s if you like 🙂

    I’d love you to involved and give e your feedback 🙂

    Lisa is fantastic and I met her earlier this year in San Diego
    her business in NYC is flying and I was honoured she asked me to take part.


    Interview with Jerry Bailey Of The
    Holistic Lakeside Health Centre
    I loved speaking to the brilliant Jerry Bailey
    about Hormones, Testing, Blood work, Nutrition
    and so much more.

    Click her to watch and feel free to share
    and subscribe to my channel for more up
    and coming interviews.


    Good luck to everyone doing Brainfit™ this weekend
    London on Saturday is full but there are spaces in
    Banbury on Sunday if you would like
    to grab a last minute class – click here


    Have a great week everyone 🙂

    Love Rachel xxx

    see you on Insta and Snapchat RachelL Holmes

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