Jenny Burrell Who Is A Woman On Fire

RachelLHolmes : March 15, 2017 7:35 am :

Watch this if you serve women in your business 🙂

Fantastic interview with my dear friend Jenny Burrell who really is a WOMEN ON FIRE



Workshops, Events and Training Courses 2017

Don’t forget to claim your funding from Sport England.
How To Start And Explode  Your Online Business  
1 Day Workshop With Yvonne Radley Nottingham 20th May
BRISTOL – Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions
3rd June Aztec Hotel Click here to book.
Fitness Pilates Training PLUS get your funded place click here 
Birmingham  4/5 March, 13/14 May
Manchester 13/14 May 2017.
The Brainft Workout™ Training Course LONDON 25th March
Booking and Funding Details Click here .
Level 3 Pilates 
Birmingham 31st March,1,2nd April
Fitness Pilates For Back Care Online Certification
On offer Click here 
Fitness Pilates For Children
On offer click here 
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Are you teaching freestyle?

RachelLHolmes : March 6, 2017 9:05 am :

Proud Freestyle Instructors Have Joined The C2GO VIP Group…
Are you Getting Involved?

Its Time To Get Creative Again
Are you teaching freestyle classes?

By using the term Freestyle I mean anything that you put together yourself, you are not governed by a template, music or particular style.

You decide the content you deliver depending on the skill set and ability of the people in front of you.

This ranges from Seniors, Aqua, Older Adults, 50+, Low Impact, Seated, Stretch, Body Conditioning right across the board to HiLo/Aerobics and Step.

You plan your sessions, pick you music and teach offering modifications and levels infused with education, fun, personality and humour.

I started back in the day to help inspire you with new choreography and ideas.

I would film all of the videos, edit them and upload them to the site – if you look there are 15 years worth. It’s quite a big job to do all of the editing but I think I have a much better solution.

So, its time for a new version 2.0 if you like.

Facebook gives me the opportunity to film my choreography LIVE and you can take part, ask questions , watch it live or at a later date and even download it to your hard drive.

The hard work of editing doesn’t need to be done now as I will film the videos in real time direct from my phoneand ipad.

Myself, Kelly and Guest presenters can film anywhere direct from our phones into the group and one of us does this every week.

So its time to step it up. You can tell me what you need and i can create it for you.

It’s ONLY 10 + VAT per month

We create weekly LIVE videos for all of the above genres and you can watch it all LIVE in my new Facebook Group so we have out own exclusive C2GO Freestyle VIP Group every week myself and Kelly and special guests will be LIVE in the group doing choreography and class content.

This means you will be able to sign into our Facebook Private group at any time and head over to the group and watch quick 5 minute choreography videos and longer 15 / 20 minute combinations and breakdowns, workshops and talks.

If you are looking for ideas for your 50+ , Active Seniors / Older Adults / Aqua / Seated / LBT / Tone Classes / Aerobics and Step but are running out of ideas then this new group will be for you.

This is a great opportunity to chat with other freestylers (like the old C2GO Forum) share ideas and choreography and will be like our own virtual convention!

CLICK HERE to join
you can cancel at any time

Have a great MONDAY
Love Rachel xxx

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Monday Fitness Vibes

RachelLHolmes : February 27, 2017 10:23 am :

Fast Fitness Round Up At Glance .

So much going on in the fitness world
as wellness and health is growing at an
unprecedented rate. There are more and more
boutique clubs & studios popping up all
over the UK, more events, new classes
and brands plus apps and online programmes.

Music – Pure Energy have a 60% of sale on
CD’s and downloads.
Use code PELCTB in the check out
Click here

Do you use a music app to speed up your
music ? I’ve been using Tempo Magic
which one do you use?

Are you coming to IFS Blackpool
click here for details 17-19 March

Jenny Burrells Women On Fire Event
1/2 April Click here

IBIZA YOGAFIT Retreat 16th April
Use code RachelHolmesYogaFit for 5% Discount
click here

You are invited to FREE talks & Brainfit
Masterclasses with me this week – Hope you can come 🙂

Tonight Durham 630pm To book click here

Tues 28th Feb Coleshill Talk & Brainfit click here

Wed 1 March Sutton Coldfield
Talk & New Kick Start TriFit
click here

Thurs 2 March Banbury Talk & Motivational click here

Mind.Body.Fit is a new event concept and experience at
beautiful locations around the UK.

The first evening event is being held on Monday
3 April 2017 at Morley Hayes Golf Club in Derbyshire.

Click here for all the information and booking details
and I’d LOVE to invite you to the VIP launch night.
It’s only £20.

I’ll be speaking and teaching The Brainfit Workout
and Jayne Nicholls will be teaching her new
Freestyle Yoga Class –
a Yin Yang Yoga Rollercoaster.

I’ve secured some amazing sponsors for goody bags,
food and treats for all attendees.


Workshops, Events and Training Courses 2017

Kick Start Discovery Day 3rd March
St Pancras Hotel London 11 – 1pm
Email me to book

How To Start And Explode Your Online Business
1 Day Workshop With Yvonne Radley Nottingham 20th May
click here to book.

BRISTOL – Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic Conditions 3rd June Aztec Hotel Click here to book.

Fitness Pilates Training PLUS get your funded place click here
Birmingham 4/5 March, 13/14 May
Manchester 13/14 May 2017.

The Brainft Workout™ Training Course LONDON 25th March
Booking and Funding Details Click here .

Level 3 Pilates
Birmingham 31st March,1,2nd April
click here

Fitness Pilates For Back Care Online Certification
On offer Click here

Fitness Pilates For Children
On offer click here

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Fitpro Ideas & Updates

RachelLHolmes : February 14, 2017 8:54 am :

Pure Energy have released some fab music
this week 🙂

If you need some new musical inspiration
here are a few ideas for you.

Step to The Music click here

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 08.50.14

The Ultimate Workout From Katie Bulmer- Cooke
Click here

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 08.50.19

I hope these inspire you today 🙂
You can go onto the PE website and listen
to the tracks before you buy.

Wishing you a lovely Valentines.


Love Rachel x

Instagram Rachel L Holmes

You TUBE Rachel Holmes

Kick Start Facebook:

Don’t for get to claim your FUNDING
for your training courses.

YOU are ALL eligible for the funding – if you are a
qualified Fitpro.

****All you need to do is apply. It’ll take you
minutes. Don’t miss out on this funding.

Finally Sport England are recognising
the crucial part Group X plays in getting
folks active.

level 3 Pilates (6)

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Choreographytogo Discount With Sound Dynamics Sound Systems, Speakers, Lighting and More

RachelLHolmes : February 9, 2017 10:03 am :

Our Choreographytogo Partnership Offer With Sound Dynamics mean you get 5% off ANYTHING on their website including speakers, lighting, microphones and much more geared towards Fitness Professionals.

We now have an exclusive C2GO discount code “SDCTG” customers can add this to the coupon code box when ordering online, or simply call with the code and order by telephone.

They receive an extra 5% discount off anything and everything they order along with fast free delivery.

Don’t miss out- visit the website HERE

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