Buggy Babes And Being A Specialist

RachelLHolmes : December 15, 2017 6:14 am : Blog


Meet Nicola Ashby And Her Buggy Babes Class

Becoming a specialist in a particular Fitness Niche is an avenue to explore in 2018.
and Nicola Ashby has done just that.

She launched  “Buggy Babes”  this week after completing the Online Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Qualification.


“My classes are held at classes are at little Paxton village hall, and trial class had 8, although had 11 booked (a few poorly babes in the morning meant a few dropped out) the class is indoors in the winter
❄️ to keep the babes warm but we will be heading outdoors in the summer”



How long did it take you to complete the qualification?

“The Online  L3 Pre and Post course took 3 weeks, I did 3 full Sunday study days 😊… and worked great with hubby having the bub and just feeding him inbetween learning and coursework.”

How did you market and advertise your trial class?

“I have met lots of new mums by going to mum and baby groups and word has spread about classes…. also Facebook
I have gone old school and also gone with a flyer drop which has already brought in a few people who have booked on to my pregnancy Pilates course also starting January”

I am offering the Full Online Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Qualifications for £300 which is a £250 saving if you get the qualification this weekend.

Click here for all the details and to book

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C2GO Fitpro Newsletter 7th Dec

RachelLHolmes : December 7, 2017 7:55 am : Blog, Newsletter

Good Morning & Happy Thursday

Here is the C2GO Newsletter 7th December 2017.

Would You Like To Present Talks, Workshops Or Events in 2018?

Teaching classes is WONDERFUL but have you thought about taking a step into presenting a talk or organising an event or workshop?
It’s such a wonderful way to elevate your brand and business.

Here are my tips to help you get going in this exciting direction

1: Attend as many workshops as possible, educate your self to the max. Go to EVERYTHING, conventions, conferences, workshops the whole caboodle, not just fitness events but ALL kinds of events and talks.

2: When you attend workshops and conventions watch presenters how they speak, lecture and organise their workshops. Notice the set up of the day, how you are welcomed and how the information is presented to you. Notice the mix of practical and theory. Ask yourself how did it feel? Was the presenter interesting, funny, serious, make notes about the things you liked about the workshop and how the speaker presented themselves and the information. 

3: Decide what are you going to present – masterclass, workshop, seminar, lecture – Who is your audience – Who are you aiming your talk/event/workshop at?

4: Create your workshop, write it, practice it on a test group and film it. It must be unique, researched and polished. Create workshop notes, outline, slides and powerpoint if its a lecture.

5: Do a “test presentation” for free in front of a test group. Get a friend to film clips ready to starting marketing yourself and your fitness presentation on your website and social media.

6: Start a Facebook Business Pager Business Instagram and open a Youtube account to create an audience.

7: Begin to promote yourself as a presenter, put video clips of you speaking and presenting on your Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Youtube and Websites.

8:Network with other presenters, introduce your self on social media. Tell us what you do and what you are aiming to present. Many convention organisers ask me what’s new and who is up and coming. Show me and other presenters what you can do.

9:Create several different presentations to offer convention and event organisers – research all the events locl and national you could speak at next year and write to the organisers.

10:Create an electronic Portfolio to email out, include video clips, resume, CV, qualifications, biography, PPL, Insurance, presentation info.

11: Create a short, punchy Biography about you written in the 3rd person that organisers could use for event publicity.

12: Build your personal profile and brand using social media and your website.

13: Look at the Fitness Industry and what EXACTLY other presenters are doing. What can U do that is DIFFERENT, where will you fit in? You have to offer something that is unique to you and your skills. Be an innovator!

14: Hone your writing skills and offer articles to blogs, newsletters magazines. Post your articles on social media.

Organise your own event and DO IT!

New Online Course – Fitness Pilates For Mums and Tots™

I have released this course for testing this week and 
the demand for it has been incredible.

It’s such a growth area and being a specialist in 2018
is definitely the way to go.

If you want to jump in at the launch and find out all the details
click here 

Step Choreography 11 
click here 

Here is where you will find my free choreography videos, class ideas, workouts, and support.

Instagram – Rachel L Holmes
I post daily 1 minute HIIT workouts
here so brilliant for quick and easy ideas.

Instagram  Fitness Pilates – FitnessPilatesUK
Daily quick Fitness Pilates workouts, exercises.

My Main Facebook page is

I do a daily live workout here 7am plus nutrition, wellness, recipes, food and all things related to Kick Start.

For Choreography, Education, and Course updates

All education, courses, choreography videos.

Have you trained with me or Kelly in Fitness Pilates?

I host a wonderful group of FP teachers where we share ideas, updates, motivation, support, music, PR ideas
so please join in

Kick Start Womens Wellness Private Coaching group.

This is my private coaching group for ALL women who are looking for the latest in health information, fatloss, nutrition.
Even Fitness Professionals need help and support with food and fitness and this group is especially supportive.

We all know what it is  like to feel the pressure of standing up in front of people day after day, week after week..decade after decade and I love helping and supporting wherever I can
on health-related issues.

YouTube – SO many Choreography videos here
Im posting daily so subscribe to get the updates.

Hope this is all useful.

Rachel xxx

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Black Friday Sale On Qualifications

RachelLHolmes : November 24, 2017 9:39 pm : Blog


Online Course Tutor Kelly Reed-Banks.

All courses are ONLINE learning.

Level 3 Pre and Post Natal down to £300

Level 2 Exercise To Music – Usual price £525 get £100 DISCOUNT USING CODE ETM


Usual price £497  Use code GYM and get £100


Level 2 Kettlebells ONLINE

Usual Price £300 DISCOUNT £250

Level 2 Teaching Children 5 – 15 

USE Code KIDS for £50


Start whenever you are ready.



VERY POPULAR and in demand classes are:

Pre and Post Natal, 



Have friends who want to get into the fitness industry?

Tell them about the ETM and Gym.

Happy Black Friday Evening

Rachel xxx

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Grangers sports wash review and 40% off

RachelLHolmes : November 24, 2017 2:00 pm : Blog

We have recently been trying a few products from the Grangers sports range and have been so impressed we had to share them :




A high-performance wash-in cleaner which is made to to remove dirt, sweat, and odours from all sportswear.

This wash has a beautiful scent which makes sportswear smell unbelievable!

Here is some wonderful feedback we got from our Fitness Pilates event goody bags which had a sample of the wash included:

“What was the detergent that we got last weekend? My other half used it on the kids boxing gloves (it worked wonders)… I want to buy more!”

It works through horrible gym clothes odours like nothing we have ever used before and would 100% recommend especially for fitpros who live in their gym kit!



A spray-on odour neutraliser suitable for use on all footwear, clothing, and accessories- we have been using this on our trainers and it really works.  The smell is subtle but fresh even with just one spritz leaving trainers feeling fresh for the gym! Any fitpros will know this is a dream!!


Thanks to Grangers! Head over for their BLACK FRIDAY sale for 40% off!

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Functional Conditioning Ideas Using Weights 

RachelLHolmes : November 20, 2017 8:38 am : Blog

Functional Conditioning Ideas Using Weights

HAPPY MONDAY – I’ve just uploaded a functional conditioning video to my YouTUBE and Im uploading daily choreography and class ideas over there – so make sure you subscribe for my best class content!
There is a daily HIIT workout on my
Instagram RachelLHolmes so keep checking my feed
Whats new ? 
2018 Fitness Pilates SUMMIT Early bird booking
1 place left on this weekends Level 3 Pilates Diploma
in London click here 

Join My Free Private Facebook group
*New Ideas
*New Formats
*Marketing,Branding & PR
*Network with myself and head teacher Kelly Reed-Banks
See you in the group
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