How Good Do YOU Feel about Yourself? Lets Celebrate – Motivational

RachelLHolmes : June 23, 2015 12:39 pm : Blog

Do You Feel Really
Good About Yourself?


Today let’s celebrate feeling, not just
good about yourself
but flippin awesome about yourself…

Let’s stop waiting to be thinner,
more educated,
happier, darker, blonder

blah blah blah

whatever crazy thing you are
waiting for……..

stop waiting
& today (and everyday) let’s
who you are right now.

Right this moment.

Feeling good & positive about yourself
is about about learning new
ways to push
boundaries and live your dreams.

Feeling awesome about yourself
is a celebration of
the everyday, & realising that you get to make
your own choices.

Treat yourself like gold…..
fuelling your body with
nutritious food.

YOU, my friend are your own best investment.

Every day push yourself to do the things that scare you.

Dream big & do even bigger.

Surround yourself with positive
people who love and
encourage you.

Become your own best friend.

Be spontaneous & Stay True To Your Own Vision.

Have a wonderful Tuesday & Celebrate

It doesn’t have to be your Birthday to
celebrate how amazing you are!

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Quick Fitness Business Marketing Tips

RachelLHolmes : May 29, 2015 7:11 am : Blog

Chat On Tuesday 5 Ideas Of What To Put In Your Newsletter-1



Quick Fitness Business Marketing Tips
1. Crystallise your TARGET market, Identify your avatar client. It’s so hard to market yourself and your product unless you have your client profile crystal clear. The more specific you are the easier it will be talk to your customers.

2. Have a laser beam focus. Once you have your goals in place,  every time you begin to do something think “Is this going to take me closer to my goals” Basically, stop messing about doing the small stuff and get the big stuff finished and out there like NOW!
3. Social Media is ALL noise. Opening Facebook is  like walking into Battersea dogs home every one’s barking the same message. Be different, Write unique status updates and Tweets, Blog about new stuff.
Once you have your client avatar sorted this will be easier as you can focus on your target customer.

4.Use Public Speaking and Presentations to become an expert.
As soon as you step onto a speaking stage you are perceived as an expert. Organise seminars and talks in your niche to connect with your customers and prospects.  Start with local events and organising your own then move into regional & national

5. Construct your presentation – Start with your credentials, tell your story, resonant with your audience, include personal hooks, offer a step by step solution, offer transparency about who you are and what you are.

6. Identify your USP and turn UP THE VOLUME. Don’t be something or someone you are not.  Be yourself and do YOUR thing!

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When are you Going To Fit In Your Tiara Time?

RachelLHolmes : May 12, 2015 5:47 am : Blog


At Jenny Burrells Women On Fire Event
Jenny did a talk on the importance
of Tiara Time.

“What on earth is Tiara Time?”
I thought……

Well, its YOU time.

Scheduling in stuff/activities/hobbies

Bits & bobs that you always
wanted to do…….

Bits & Bobs that you never find
the time……

The stuff that gives your
body, mind & soul a break from
the grind, being busy
looking after others,
working, social media,
learning…etc etc

blah blah blah

What IS the point if you cant fit in
some Tiara time?


Jenny asked the group
what Tiara Time activities
we “dreamed about”
bringing back into our world & weekly schedule.

Sewing, Reading, Gardening,
Knitting, Meditating, Taking a class,

All were shouted out.

All doable.

All actionable.

Just simple stuff that
makes us happy.

Not climbing Everest.
Or hiking up the Amazon

Just simple Tiara Time.

This week lets try and get some
Tiara Time into your schedule.

Lets have a break from being
so bloody busy & telling everyone
how busy we are. Its boring.

Whats your dream “Tiara Time”?

Make it a reality and tweet me
I’d love to know.


Have a wicked day



I was on flight to Turkey on Saturday
reading the Sheryl Sandburgh book
Lean In
& even Cheryl the COO of Facebook.

Who is an incredibly powerful, productive
& super busy women
talks about the importance of
Tiara Time.


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Join Today’s Positivity Train

RachelLHolmes : May 6, 2015 6:08 am : Blog
As a creative spirit striving
to build a fulfilling
life & business pursuing your
goals & dreams.

Fostering a miracle mindset,
confidence & having
a positive, loving outlook
at times is not always easy.

You have to make decisions
& get clear……….

DECIDE what you want
& how you want
your life to look is KEY.

when you have outgrown
I’ve had to ditch a few things
recently & at the time its bad.
It’s rocky.
but as soon as you have…..
WOW you feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Getting in touch with your ~ING
(Inner Guidance system)
is vital so you can totally
FEEL what is best for you
at any given moment.

When that inspiration hits you – however it comes – act
on it quickly, change course,
ditch the toxic situations, stop
eating the shit food,
listening to negativity and get flippin…


I am obsessed with
Love that feeling of optimism.  

It’s so exciting,
living for the rush of turning a thought –
or an abstract idea
into something real, tangible, touchable,
readable, effectual & profitable.

That will serve more people and help others

It makes you feel sooooo EMPOWERED (word of the day!)
generous & HAPPY.

We all LOVE getting things done so again today
lets get soooo busy and keep pushing forward
on those big dreams and goals.

Use & spend your time wisely.
Do your meditations & as its HUMPDAY
completely love yourself for making these radical
changes with your thoughts.

A simple affirmation from Gabby B today


Keep it top of mind all day TODAY!

Have a wicked wicked Wednesday
I’m just of to the gym
to train & teach then back to the lap top for some
serious work on a few big ole lofty old projects,
although jetlag is KILLIN Me…
wide awake at 330 is not great… but hey
lets work with it!
What are you today? Id love to hear from you
Tweet me @RachelHolmes.

Lots of Love Rachel xxx


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Where Are You Heading Next? Monday Motivational

RachelLHolmes : May 4, 2015 6:58 am : Blog





















Where are

you heading next?

Do YOU REALLY Know deep down
what is your passion?

Did your fitness teaching career
just kind of…….happen?
Last week I was speaking at
Jenny Burrells fantastic
Women On Fire

And the one statement
that resonated
with so many instructors
in the room was….

“I actually don’t know what I
want my fitness
life/business to look like”

“I’m not really sure
where I want to go with my
teaching / fitness career”

Is this YOU?

Did you just kind
of “get”
fitness & then
before you know it
are teaching lots of classes,
PT’ing  or  Massaging or all 3….

& not too sure
where you are heading next?

Is this YOU?

Before you sign up for another

Have a really good think about
what your next move should be.

Think about what drives you….

What motivates you…..

What REALLY is your passion…

Do you want your business
to be more online/less physical teaching?

Do you want to educate / present to other teachers?

Do you want to specialise
with a particular client group or demographic?

As its bank holiday
its the perfect time to kick back
& have a good think about
whats next for you.

I always find you get the best ideas when you are
chilling & if you still not to sure…

Don’t PANIC.

Don’t Stress.

It will come to you when the time is right.

Have a wonderful Monday



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