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  • 28 April 2011 Instructor Newsletter


    News and Updates by Rachel Holmes

    I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break and are looking forward to another long weekend with the Royal Wedding. I’ve been busy filming for a new series of downloads on Choreographytogo Called Bootcamp Conditioning; these downloads are all full workouts of 25 – 30 minutes long and I also have created PPL Free music with intervals to go alongside the workouts. I have been trialling this style of class in my conditioning classes and have had some great response. As the music is timed it frees me up to really coach the group and offer loads of alternatives to people that need it ,leaving the die hards to train hard. Each workout has a different, timed ratio and I have named the workouts after a city. So, this week you have The Paris Workout, which is 30/30 work/rest ratio. The 25minute PPL free music download is £12 and I have been using these for Aqua and HiLo as it’s so versatile. If you do get the chance to download then please let me know your feedback.


    I’m putting more  videos and tutorials now up on my YouTube Channel so if you would like to link as friends on Youtube then please subscribe and we can also connect there. My Youtube if you have videos of you teaching and presenting then let me know and I will feature you on my new Blog which will be coming shortly on the new Choreographytogo site.

    My Mentoring/Coaching Programme

    After last week’s newsletter I have had a major response to my new coaching/mentoring programme, which will be available mid May. The coaching programme I offer will be everything I do and have done myself. I’lI show you exactly what to do. I cant promise “6 figures” but a comprehensive step by step programme explaining in detail, how to set up your online business to compliment your offline business so the two can work together. My business strengths include how you can  create a membership sites, create digital products to sell, marketing yourself, branding, social media, public speaking and how to organise, set up and the content for your workshops and presentations. It will be a 90 day programme and will be ready to launch mid may! If you are interested and would like to go on the preferential launch list then email me with MENTORING in the subject header.

    Identify your ideal client or class members by Rachel

    I’ve been talking a lot about Niche Bootcamps and Niche Classes aimed at different populations. Its really important that you know who your target market exactly is.

    What is the profile of your customer? How old are they, where do they live, what do they read, do they go to work, do they have children, Are they married/single, where do they socialise, where do they go out, etc etc

    For example, the target profile for Fitness Pilates Bootcamp is female, 45+, works part time, middle income, kids 15 – grown up, has tried weight watchers, slimming world and is constantly following and on and off faddy diets, has had back problems or injuries in the past and finds exercise adherence difficult.

    Once you have your client profile in your mind you can aim all of your marketing to this person as if you are talking to this “ideal client” all of the time. Of course, other people outside of your target market will be attracted to your classes and courses but identifying your perfect client will help you design your marketing and advertising so much better.

    Keep your client profile in mind whenever you are writing copy for your website, Facebook and Twitter updates and your blog posts. Address the problems they may have when it comes to exercise and weight management issues and offer solutions that work for this target group.

    Again using my Fitness Pilates Bootcamp package example, this target market has often had negative group exercise experiences in the past where classes have been too hard or too complex and they have felt out of their depth so they attended slimming clubs but felt they were just going to paid to get weighed. I address this in my marketing and posters and offer solution as to why my Bootcamp is different.

    Film clips of your classes so potential clients can see who attends your sessions, use “real life” pictures of your current classes and clients to help prospects see that they will fit in with your group.

    The worse thing you can do is be all things to all people. Narrow down your potential client profile and concentrate on talking to them through your marketing and social media.


    What Shall I write! by Rachel Holmes

    5 Top Tips to help you write better articles!

    We all know that to get your message across you need to write. You need to supply copy for your websites, blogs and of course Facebook and Twitter updates. But what if you are not a confident writer and writing doesn’t come naturally? Well, you need to not panic there are lots of tricks that can help you write interesting articles that will help you get your message across. Writing will help you get attract followers, new business and new clients but it doesn’t have to be hard work.

    Here are some ideas for writing interesting articles that will help solve problems for your clients and position you as a voice of authority.

    1.Write a list – My Top Tip.

    Everyone can write a list! Lists are super easy to read and great for newsletters where readers may only speed read and glance down. It’s quick info to digest.

    Give a short one or two paragraph intro, then launch right into your list. Keep each item to a few sentences max. People love numbers, so number your list and give your total number in the title. (You may have noticed that the article you’re reading right now is following the LIST format.)

    5 Top Ab Exercises…… 10 Ways to lose Fat this Summer……My 5 Best Cardio Workouts………5 Exercises to improve your posture……Get the idea?


    2. The Real Life Case Study

    How Jean lost 1 stone in 3 weeks after attending Zumba/Bootcamp/Fitness Pilates etc

    These type of articles are really inspiring and motivating to your audience, you can even get your featured clients to contribute to the article.

    3. Interview

    Choose an expert or client to interview for your article. Present it in either a traditional article format or do a Q&A.

    For example. Jean has now left her full time job in xxxxx and gone full time in the fitness industry – You can then interview Jayne and write the answers to your questions in an article.

    4.Be a trend setter

    Trends aren’t just for fashion! Whenever a trend sweeps health and fitness ( and there are many on a daily basis), you’ll see Blogs and Facebook all commenting on the newest/the latest/the most hip and happening. From the latest class to the latest piece of gym equipment, people want to know all about these trends—their origins, benefits, and drawbacks. Easy to write about!

    5. Studies show…..

    Brilliant for fitness and weight loss as you can always find on the net studies that show  ……………..These articles report the results of a study or survey. If you do a bit of research, you can probably dig up a recent study on which you can base your article.

    New Download on Choreographytogo this week

    Bootcamp Conditioning 30/30 The Paris Workout with Rachel Holmes

    Code:B130 BOOTCAMP Conditioning 1 – The Paris Workout 30/30
    Instructor Rachel Holmes
    This is a full Equipment Free 26 minute Workout. Using a work /active rest ratio of 30/30. I have put together a unique functional workout that is perfectly suited to Bootcamps, Conditioning classes, Intervals or Circuits and works equally as well outdoors or in a studio. You can also purchase the PPL Free Paris Workout Music that I planned this class to. Using functional tri plane movement I mix bodyweight training and equipment free movements for this highly metabolic workout.This is the first in a series of 10 Bootcamp Conditioning classes. Each workout is named after a cool city worldwide so watch out for the next one which will be online next week. 

    If you have a look at my Facebook you can also see how much my classes loved this workout this week

    The Music is PPL Free and only £12

    3 Tokens
    Length: 26 mins
    Size: 99 MB
    Music by

    Fashion and Music have held us back yet it propels the rest of society forward! by Jayne Nicholls

    Have you noticed that the latest trends in PT and 1 to 1 training are not dissimilar to the methods that we have been using in the studio over the past few years?
    There seems to be a gym aversion to exercise machines at present with PTs favouring ‘functional’, ‘myofascial’, ‘triplane’ actions that facilitate global and reciprocal results rather than joint and muscle specific workouts. One of the things that I love about Group X is that we ‘just do it’ rather than talk it up. Our emphasis has always been what’s next? what’s more? and what’s new? and in chasing our desire to keep our clients amused while facilitating the groups needs we have created workouts that tap into every new trend and concept that is relevant to human performance. As our studio domain is an open space we have always tried to fill it with multi directional movement, using the equipment offered to us in as many different ways as possible. Our need for variety has been our greatest strength and is possibly the reason that we can move from one trend to the next with comfort. PTs and gym instructors are now revelling in this freedom which is great to see as they are also capitalising on the fact that simply pushing more weight through the same ranges is not the only way to improve.
    Group sessions have always excelled in the area of adherence but our Achilles heel has been our external image. We dress in tight, bright clothing and move to music which is a key motivator for both the media and society but for some reason has held us back in the hierarchy of professional fitness.
    When you teach are you considering that a degree of pelvic rotation can impact muscle – nerve – joint and further affect the shoulder via myofascial slings OR are you concerned that performance could be better. We are hot to tune into when it looks wrong and this is a key indicator that our clients need to change.
    What do you think – are the results that we offer equivalent to those rewarded by a 1 to 1 session? Let me know your thoughts.
    j a y n e 

    Marvin Burton

    Fascia has hit the fitness industry pretty hard recently. Previously misunderstood and not fully understood yet, there is a definite shift in training and conditioning in the modern day health club.

    Kettlebells, TRX, Power plate, Bulgarian bags, power bags, iron clubs, ViPR are all more common everyday training tools. We now realising that there is more fascia in the body than muscle. The fascia determines how force is dissipated throughout joints and muscles and it’s that movement and stimulus that up regulates the central nervous system and allows for proprioception to occur. It’s also neurologically better for your body to experience multi directional training. Seems like the last 3 years of a modern pilates approach seems to be paying off.

    I asked a few months back if there was any interest in learning more about fascia release techniques and manual therapy. I have been digging and found yet another gem of education. It’s in Leamington Spa on Sunday 15th May. Only 2 hours and 2 session times to choose from 10-12 or 2-4. Some of you may have seen me using release tools at the IFS convention. It created such a good interest that Malc who makes the tools and his Wife Lucy will be demonstrating how in use these tools. It will be of particular interest to Pilates instructors, Yoga instructors, Personal Trainers or anybody that works with improving motion. So just about everybody on choreography to go. I urge you to go and see, feel and ask about this. I think this technique will instantly change your classes and 1-1 sessions. I have accelerated my rehab techniques now; they are even quicker than before. You do not need any previous qualifications, just the desire to learn something new. Here is a link to the website

    May 21st is almost upon me. My flights to Texas is booked, hotels, equipment and food all arranged. I have even booked my recovery after the event. Building up to the Ironman I have had 3 sprint triathlons and a 78 mile road bike race. The weather has helped although it has only been half as hot as it will be out in USA.  Stupidly I just entered the ballot for the London marathon next year as well. Let’s hope that doesn’t come through, although training for that should be a doddle. The key to my training has been surprising but useful. It has worked for me. Stretching has become so important to me that I will become a yoga instructor when I finish. Like pilates though, it will be Marvin’s yoga. I still think there is some science that I can manipulate and personalise. Nutrition has been 80% of the training. I hate using energy gels, bars and powders but they are very useful when sitting on a bike or running for 4 hours. Rest is the key. That’s where the benefits come from and the body adapts the most. I’m becoming stronger as I taper down now because I’m getting more sleep. Feels good.

    Unfortunately though one of my good friends won’t be able to share the experience. Donna Shaw was 17 and a former student of mine. I set up the fund raising to help children with the condition she had called Erwin’s sarcoma. A terrible bone cancer. She passed away in her sleep last week. If anybody would like to donate to my just giving page to help children like Donna or people with motor neurones disease like my Dad, the page is

    Situations like this make me stronger and more determined. No pain can ever been felt like what they are going through and the emotional trauma their family has to witness. At some time in our lives we will all have to experience this. For me the last 2 years have made me more grateful, wise and humble. Don’t take your life for granted. As always i will keep you updated on my facebook: and on twitter: @marvinburton

    Jo Parry on Living Social
    I hope you are all well and you had a great Easter break. I wanted to share some success I had over the break and pass it on in case you want to repeat it for your own businesses.
    I have just had a major breakthrough in promoting my ZUMBA classes thanks to the fantastic Miss Holmes’ weekly newsletter and the lovely Claire Aberdeen’s article in it. At the time of reading the newsletter I was feeling unmotivated after one of my ZUMBA classes in Leeds was constantly DEAD! I had leafleted until I was blue in the face, visited shops, schools, nurseries, splashed it all over my website…you name it I had done it and still no more than 5 people in my class!
    Then Claire wrote about a deal she had organised with to promote her Zumba classes in Newcastle as she had also experienced the same problems I had. I was so inspired and impressed by Claire’s uptake and interest she had received that I contacted her and she kindly put me in touch with Livingsocial.
    You have to allow a 60% discount to actually advertise with LS. You do not pay anything, they set up your deal once you have given them the text you wish to appear in the advert. Their design team then push forward and write and compose your deal. I gave the price the deal was worth £50 for 10 ZUMBA classes then they add the discount making it £20.00 for 10 ZUMBA classes. I added all my class venues, times etc…. they add goggle maps and location for them. Then I proof read the advert and approved it, they turned it around within two weeks and told me the date it would go out. I had already registered for FREE to livingsocial and bought my Mum a facial and massage for next to nothing so was completely addicted already and was shocked how quickly my deal would be going out.
    I had mentioned to a few of my uber loyal ZUMBA girls that the deal was coming out and to register if they were not already on LS so they can enjoy the discount. The database Livingsocial has for Leeds was over 64,000 so they warned me that the deal may fly and be prepared. Nothing, however could have prepared me for the result I got! The deal runs from 5am until 5am the following morning (24 hours). Claire had previously told me she had a fantastic uptake of people buying the deal and expect more people to purchase the deal on-line in the evening.
    Well by 9am I had 45 people who had already purchased the deal, you can imagine, I was ecstatic….. and by 4pm it had risen to over a hundred people! By this stage I started to panic and booked another class to start mid May for Monday evening and I had already organised a day time class starting again in mid May, ha ha!
    By the time deal finished 186 people had bought it and obviously I was chuffed to bits and gearing up for the masses! Following the deal I received lots of phone calls asking about the classes and when would they pick up their 10 class pass, which they collect from myself when they come to their first class. The interesting feedback was that many people had bought the deal but could not start classes until May or June which relaxed me somewhat! Also friends of people who purchased the deal are asking if they can still come to class and pay on the night so it’s been very beneficial for my business. The 10 class ZUMBA pass expires at the end of October but that is the Livingsocial rules. The deal works that Living Social receive £8.00 of the deal price £20 and I receive £12.00. Therefore £12.00 x 186 was a great promotion for myself although I have to keep reminding myself that money needs to last me 10 weeks not 10 minutes!!!!!!
    So now I have 186 additional people on my database to sell my ZUMBA classes to and my other classes. I am hoping to maintain their custom once the deal runs out and generally have a great time doing my job and earning a little more CASH!
    Thank you for reading and thank you once again Rachel and Claire.
    Get on it!
    Love Jo x
    ZUMBA deal 10 classes for £20.00 original price £50.00
    60% saving!


    The key that unlocks the door to a successful career in fitness” by Jonny Stewart

    I became a group fitness instructor a year ago when I was 21. Since qualifying, I have taught extensively in gyms across the South East and have set up my own community-based fitness company which works with over 250 clients a week and brings in a yearly salary containing 6 beautiful figures. I got all that in 1 year. That’s with thanks to the advice and support I receive from Choreographytogo.

    Choreographytogo was my number-1 resource when I started out as an instructor, and I’m proud to say it still is today. I learned a lot from Rachel’s videos and newsletters, and I found the newsletter contributions fantastic. I’d like to give something back to help people who are in the same situation I was in last year, when I was a ‘baby’ in the world of fitness and knew practically nothing, except how to count “5, 6, 7, 8”.

    The advice I read in the weekly newsletters was invaluable and really developed myself as an instructor as well as my career. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t received it.

    So here’s what I have to share with you to help YOU succeed.

    Since teaching group fitness classes, I have learned a number of invaluable lessons which have changed my life and got me to the position I’m in today.

    One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of reliability.

    People were always telling me how important it was to be reliable. But did I actually listen? No!

    Because of my ignorance, I ended up making A LOT of ridiculous mistakes. These mistakes gave me a name which meant I had no work doing what I wanted to do. No work meant no money. I would cancel cover gym classes last minute, not return people’s texts or calls, and on 1 occasion, not turn up to a class because I was bored of teaching it.

    This is unreliability, and I wish I never learned the hard way. If I had just LISTENED to all the people who were telling me, “Look, you need to start being reliable,” then I wouldn’t have damaged my reputation within the industry, which left me stranded and has taken months to heal.

    Everyone talks. Your name gets around quickly, especially if you do something wrong. Your name doesn’t get around so quickly when you do good – which is a shame but reality – though people will talk about you when you make mistakes.

    Don’t make the unreliability mistake that I made!

    If you don’t heed this advice and continue being unreliable, then you’ll end up wrecking your reputation, which will take months – if not years – to heal. All the time and hard work you spend making yourself look good can be ruined by something as small as a simple text saying you can’t cover.

    If you want to work in gyms, the thing most co-ordinators and managers look for most is how reliable an instructor is. From their point of view, reliability is more important than teaching ability. They can’t have instructors cancel last minute as there won’t be anyone to teach the class. This simply means there’s no class, which doesn’t exactly give the gym a good reputation. And if you’re running your own business, customers simply leave YOUR classes and go to someone else’s. Why would they want to pay YOU if you’re not reliable?
    You work hard to get your customers…in fact, this is the hardest part! DON’T BLOW IT ONCE YOU’VE GOT THEM!

    So it all boils down to 1 thing: be reliable and you WILL succeed!

    Happy teaching!

    Jonny X

    Facebook: Jonny Stewart / Jonny Stewart Fitness
    Twitter: JonnyStewart5
    07912 423 670


    Hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy the Royal Wedding tomorrow!

    Love always

    Rachel x

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