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  • Instructor Instructor 7th January 2015



    2016 has raced of to an
    amazing start. How exciting.

    Busy classes and so much interest in Health, Fitness
    & Nutrition. It’s brilliant news for us all.

    For the next 28 days I am on the road
    every night doing Kick Start launches
    so far this week I’ve been to Hereford,
    Nottingham & last night Cambridge.

    Tonight it’s Leeds, then Milton
    Keynes, Banbury and Glasgow
    on Sunday.

    It’s an epic 28 day tour but
    amazing to meet so many people
    and speak to bigger and bigger groups.

    If you would like to come along then check out
    the list at the end of the email &
    I’d love to see you.

    All of the launches are free of charge
    & we always put on a ton of delicious food.


    My Kick Start Online 7 DayJuice
    Detox Start Monday 11th January

    Did you have a Juicer for Christmas?

    Are you ready to follow an exciting
    7 day plan Juice plan with me?

    Click here for all the info

    Glasgow Instructors

    Are you a Glasgow based Instructor?

    Are you interested in teaching
    Kick Start Fat Loss Classes and Clubs?

    Are you seeing many of your existing clients
    going to Slimming World and Weight Watchers &
    getting outdated nutritional information?

    If you would like to know more send me
    a message and I’ll be in Glasgow
    on  Sunday 10th January at The Yoga & Pilates
    Place doing a
    Kick Start Fat Loss Launch and chatting to potential
    Instructors wanting to teach
    Kick Start classes.

    Sarah Jane Walls and I are looking for
    Instructors who want to work for us in
    Glasgow teaching Kick Start Fat Loss

    Send me a Facebook message or email Sarah Jane Hunter
    and we can give you more details and book you
    Sunday’s event.


    Snap Chat

    2016 is the year Snap chat comes of age.


    I know your kids use it & you
    are probably thinking

    “Oh no not another social media platform”


    The potential here is huge for story telling
    & the attention graph is on Snapchat right now.

    Take a look and check it out.

    You can follow my daily Snap Stories here


    I just love exploring a new platform 🙂


    5 Tips I am implementing to grow my Fitness Business
    by Denise Hardy

    I know that things had to change in how I run my business, because I really was just surviving – mentally, spiritually and financially.

    Rachel did her webinar at the right time as I could no longer keep trying to go it alone with freebies, it really wasn’t working and it gave me the freedom to be unfocused, disorganised and inconsistent to my life and business. I decided that it was the right time to finally start investing in my business and myself for the first time and putting myself out there. It is a New Year and it was time raise my standards and stop wasting my life away pretending to get things done, looking busy when very little was happening.

    So after finally getting serious and joining Rachel and other fitness professionals on this 21 day Coaching Course, I am implementing the following:

    1: Mentor and likeminded people – This is your accountability group. The fitness world can be such an isolated place so to have a group of likeminded people you can connect with on a daily basis to ask questions, make suggestions, are supportive unconditionally and learn the this business from the inside out from someone who has been where I am is amazing and a must.

    2:Website – Facebook is great but it got me thinking that if Facebook was gone tomorrow, would I still have a business? No I wouldn’t. Luckily for me I have a website and it looks good (I think) but at present is not doing anything to move my business forward, until now, as I am learning to build up my email mailing list. This brings me nicely to number 3.

    3: Email Marketing – I am inconsistent in sending out newsletters, no real plan, making promises and breaking them doesn’t look good to my customers. But the same questions always comes up – What do I write? I am not an expert blah blah blah. I have told myself this many times even though I love to write. So now my accountability group has made me make a day that I will be sending out my newsletters and I know that I will be sending them on time otherwise I am wasting my time and resources.

    4: Online Business / Getting Paid /My Worth – Having confidence in my abilities and what I can do and being paid what I am worth has been a biggy. Joining this group and putting down my ideas, whatever they are have helped me to see that I am where I should be. I am an instructor and I love what I do, so why should I not be paid what I am worth or have a business that gives me the income that I deserve. This is coming for me in 2016 as I start to finally have the courage to take my ideas off my writing pad and to share it with those out there.

    5:Just be Me – I stopped watching the competition a long time ago and just decided to just be ME. I am my product, my audience come to dance, PiYo, shimmy and step to the beat with me. Not everyone will like what I have to offer and that is okay. So just be YOU because pretending to be someone or something else is hard work and will make you miserable.

    Someone else may do something better than you, but as long as your peeps enjoy it – who cares!

    My name is Denise Hardy and you can find me on YouTube as Stepaholic  Facebook: OMG I’m FIT  Website: (subscribe to my newletter) Twitter: OMG I’m FIT!


    SECRET: How to ENJOY giving up Alcohol and Sugar
    by Jo De Rosa

    So we’re into the New Year with probably the single biggest collective global drinking party and eating binge just behind us.
    I don’t know about you but my social media has been full of status updates like,

    “Another day of partying today – tomorrow back to healthiness”
    “I don’t think I could eat any more chocolate”
    “Drinking champagne; well you may as well start the year the way you mean to go on”
    “I can’t wait to get back to work so that I can stop eating”
    “I’m over the wine but still loving the food!”

    And my absolute favourite graphic which said:
    “Diet Day 1: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious”

    My question is: WHY is it ok to laugh and joke about this? Why do people think it’s OK to gorge on food that is killing them and actually find it funny? We shouldn’t be doing this to ourselves in the name of ‘fun’, ‘a treat’ or ‘celebration’.

    And now that the world has got back to work, everyone has stopped eating and drinking excessively and are attempting to get back to normal. But what is ‘normal’?

    Normal is wherever YOUR mindset is at.
    It’s what EVERYTHING in your life boils down to.
    And we’re all in a different place.

    However society DOES NOT help the majority of UK addicts and the festive period is the absolute WORST time for this. We are not supported at this time of year in any way, with all of the eating and partying we are expected to do.

    And let’s look at it another way:
    Cocaine addiction = illegal = not socially acceptable
    Alcohol addiction = LEGAL = totally socially acceptable
    Cigarette addiction = LEGAL = becoming much less socially acceptable
    Sugar addiction = LEGAL = totally socially acceptable

    It’s this insidious aspect to alcohol and sugar addiction that I find so upsetting in our culture. Cocaine addiction is frowned upon and is, therefore, easier to give up because it’s not in every shop and home in the land.

    The following was heard on BBC news this week:
    “60% of NHS admissions are down to negative lifestyle choices”

    And the following is taken from the alcohol concern website:
    “Alcohol is 10% of the UK burden of disease and death, making alcohol one of the three biggest lifestyle risk factors for disease and death in the UK, after smoking and obesity”

    All three are LEGAL.
    What chance do we really have?

    However, as we hurtle into the new year most of us are somehow transitioning from unhealthy to healthy; processed foods; alcohol; partying; cigarettes; too much of anything to less. And then of course there are the activities that we feel we should be doing more of; meditation; going to the gym; eating salad.

    But can you imagine a time when it doesn’t matter what time of year/day/monthly cycle you’re in? Getting to a point when you simply just do not want to consume anything that dulls you, intoxicates you, or fills you with cancer-causing chemicals. Instead, because you CHOOSE to, you don’t have to fill yourself with rubbish.
    And can you imagine ever getting to the point where…

    …..YOU ENJOY looking after yourself and treating yourself with the respect that you deserve. You WANT to take care of you and it’s EFFORTLESS. You don’t have to try and do anything, because it comes naturally!

    This Is Quantum Sobriety™
    Does it sound like the sort of life that you’d like to be living?
    Because that is where Quantum Sobriety™ can take you.
    We let go of addiction and reset our mind, bringing ourselves back to a neutral place.
    Then CHOOSING how we want to live our lives, instead of being dictated to by our past behavior/conditioning/expectations/society.

    What you do have to promise me if you want to come on this journey, is that you arrive with an open mind. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been up until this point, make the choice now to calibrate. And then we can build the life of your dreams from the place of unlimited potential.

    Sugar-Free Christmas
    We’ve just had a totally sugarless festive period. No shop-bought chocolates, cupcakes, sweets, biscuits, mince pies, cake, Christmas pudding, or sugar-laden anything.


    And I often hear things like,
    “Well I think you should treat yourself at Christmas”
    “Why don’t you have a little bit of what you really want on a special occasion”

    If you think about saying the above two sentences to an ex alcohol/drug addict; someone who has been sober/clean all year,
    It would be ridiculous = YES
    Unheard of = YES
    Out of order = YES

    So WHY is it ok to say or assume this with sugar? Which is the same as any other drug, and just as addictive as cocaine. I’ve been addicted to both by the way, and from experience I can say that they both pull you in with a seductive lure promising pure pleasure. And they both do briefly. That is the thing with addiction, it DOES give you pleasure as the substance relieves your withdrawal. You DO get something but the payoff is so great, so unbalanced, and the following low so much lower than the high ever was.

    That is addiction.
    …whatever the substance.

    And if you’re wondering what on earth we ate over the festive period, we enjoyed homemade chocolate cake, mince pies, chocolates and cream. All sugar, gluten, dairy and process-free.
    You see once you make the decision that you are WORTH IT, that you DESERVE the best health; most happiness; fit and strong body; you do not want to feed it rubbish. You learn how to prepare cake from scratch and you eat it guilt-free.
    You get on the scales on the 4th January and they’ve not budged.
    You get up early every day feeling and looking amazing, full of energy, and younger every day.

    And do you know what, it’s EASY.
    Because of your mindset.
    You see how stupid it is to eat certain foods just because it’s Christmas.
    You no longer believe the adverts on TV and realise that they are trying to SELL you their product to make money; even if they say it’s healthy: that’s just a marketing ploy!
    There are no adverts for fruits, vegetables or nuts you’ll notice.

    Why do you ‘treat’ yourself to crap food?
    Do you treat yourself to a bad holiday? Or an awful haircut? How about an abusive partner?
    Of course not!

    What you will find when you take sugar/alcohol/nicotine out of your diet is, just like cocaine, you crave it in the beginning but then as the substance starts to leave your system completely you are left only with the mental triggers and conditioning.

    Depending on HOW you deal with your change of behaviour, you will either:
    Struggle horribly because you believe that you’re going without
    Thrive because you fully embrace your decision by changing your MINDSET

    Choose The Easy Path
    This is what I see over and over again on our program with those wanting to give up alcohol, sugar etc…
    There are two paths and I want to show you the EASY ONE.
    One that, once the substance has left your body, you will see and embrace the amazing person that you are underneath the torment that your addiction has been afflicting on you.

    I believe we are all on the scale of addiction.
    And whether it’s to sugar, cocaine, over-eating, alcohol or work, Quantum Sobriety™ can be a support for you. With the online program beginning on the 1st February 2016, Saturday workshops throughout the year, monthly residential retreats and a secret Facebook group for anyone signed up to any or all of the programs, there is year-round support from the Quantum Team.
    Watch my video about the online program, which starts in a couple of weeks, here:?

    I’d love for you to join our growing community, and here are some testimonials from those that have already been through our program,

    “I can’t really put into words how grateful I am for what you have taught me. Jo is so inspiring, down to earth and focused. She is living proof that you can overcome addiction and create an amazing life. This experience has been so healing, thanks for everything!” Louise

    “The time I spent at Inner Guidance are going to be with me forever. It has been the most difficult year that I can remember (2015).
    With the support of a fantastic team, Jo De Rosa has around her, they have helped me to become a better person. Made me the person I am! It was tough, a lot of buried feelings and emotions had to be released and with their guidance and expert knowledge they are gone. A big line in the sand to the past and a future with Love and without fear. Dream my reality!!” Richard

    “I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to get off the merry-go-round of addiction and start a new life. I have.” Michelle

    “Life-changing experience. You will enter your inner self and find your essence. For anyone thinking of attending the residential retreat, you will feel refreshed, rejoiced and ready to change the way you are if you go for it!” Gary

    My new website launched on 22nd December with some great feedback thus far, and there is already some interesting conversation happening on the new Facebook page. Lets connect and get you living a life FREE and healthy as quickly as possible!
    Have a wonderful day xx



    New Year…Knew U…New Me…!!

    By Andrew Crawford

    Firstly……. a prosperous, happy & productive New Year to you all. I Knew U would have a great time..!!

    Secondly, if you have any specific area of Accountancy & Tax you want me      to cover this year, please let me know :

    I’m not a gambling man but I must remember this weekend to slip £1 on the lottery in the big HOPE of bagging that £58million. If I won it…..I wouldn’t tell you…

    I would just disappear…….POOF……..Just like that..!!!

    Indeed…just like the boyfriend of Sian Blake from Eastenders and her two children whose bodies were found. RIEP.

    The bodies were found in the same place that they had already been searching for the previous 3 weeks…my good gracious me..!!!

    So Andrew,

    What has ‘New Year, Knew Me, New Me’ got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

    Well …with 2016 comes New tax rules and, as I believe a big shake up of reliefs and allowances. The Government are pushing to usher in New changes, for the benefit of themselves of course.

    I will touch on these throughout this year. I have already mentioned some of the new changes already in previous articles. (Dividends & Landlord’s of buy to let properties)

    Let’s look at Travel & Subsistence today.

    Principles – Travel & Subsistence

    The government has identified a number of principles that any New set of rules should try to uphold.

    These principles are:
    that tax relief should continue to be available for business travel, but not for ordinary commuting

    any tests should be objective and based on measurable facts as far as possible – they should not rely on the intentions of the employee

    new rules should not be based on the concepts of ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’ workplaces except and unless these terms carry their everyday meaning

    new rules should not be based on the concepts of ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’ workplaces except and unless these terms carry their everyday meaning

    employees should not have their journeys to multiple locations or areas which are a significant distance apart all treated as being ‘ordinary commuting’

    relief should not be available for subsistence where this is essentially akin to a private expense

    any changes should not come at an additional cost to the exchequer

    Which Journeys Will Be Allowed?

    The intention for the proposed New framework would be to broadly allow tax relief for three types of journeys:

    journeys made necessarily in the performance of the duties of the employment
    journeys to allow the employee to attend a location where their attendance at that location is a necessary part of their job, and the location is not the employee’s “main base”

    journeys to the employee’s main base where all bases of the employee are ‘detached duty’ locations

    The introduction of a payment on account of any CGT due on the disposal of residential property

    From April 2019, a payment on account of any CGT due on the disposal of residential property will be required to be made within 30 days of the completion of the disposal. This will not affect gains on properties which are not liable for CGT due to Private Residence Relief.

    Currently, CGT is not payable on a disposal of an asset until 31 January following the tax year in which a disposal is made. So a disposal made on the 6 April 2016 will not result in a tax bill until 31 January 2018.


    After the euphoria of the Christmas & New Year celebrations comes the realisation for all you self-employed business owners that January is the last month in which you must submit your tax return online before being fined.

    Some people hate the paperwork and the stress of getting around the HMRC’s website.

    If your tax affairs are straightforward or you think you are paying too much Accountants fees then you might consider using my newly launched quick and simple Tax Return Solution……

    Quick Zlogg™

    There’s no need for an Accountant
    There’s no need for bookkeeping
    There’s no complicated software

    Quick Zlogg™ is designed to save you time and save money.

    Check it out here……..Oh…did I mention…it’s only £50…!!!

    You are the Master of your own Destiny. You only have yourself to blame….AJC

    Andrew James Crawford

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