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  • Develop your Own Programme NOW

    A popular email question that I receive at least 15 times per week is

    “How do I launch MY own fitness class brand”

    As the creator of Fitness Pilates, Body Shock Programme, F3 Project, Group X for Generation Y, Burlesque Chair Dance and Bootcamp Conditioning, Here are my top tips to creating and marketing your own, personal Group X Class brand.

    Many Instructors all over the UK are running super successful classes and Bootcamps of all descriptions aimed at different niche markets…Kids, Teens, Seniors, Dance styles, Pre and Post Natal, Families etc etc. They have created and mixed different styles and education to create their own “hybrid” class and are teaching it to big numbers in their local area, therefore, the next step is to package that programme and sell the concept to other  Fitpros or train and employ others to teach the class or system.

    Decide WHO IS your target market for this programme before you go one step further.

    Do you want to sell this on to Instructors OR employ staff and grow your business.

    TOP TIP #1 You MUST have the end customer in mind before you do any of the work below, otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of work for nothing…..Who is going to buy or train in YOUR programme???

    Once you have the customer profile clear and defined, plan how you are going to reach this customer. If its to sell to Fitpros how are you going to market to them – Facebook, networking, advertise in Fitpro/Reps magazine/Health and Fitness Magazine etc……………. If its to grow your existing business are you going to find enthusiastic class members who would make great Instructors or maybe newly qualified form the local area.

    You may have created logos, marketing material, hand outs, lesson plans, websites, banners, posters that when packaged could become a perfect turn key operation to growing your own business or selling onto Fitpros.

    Here is my Action Plan Check List

    1.Tried and Tested – You MUST ensure your programme is tried and tested. I would suggest teaching the method for at least 12 months before launching or replicating it.

    2.Sustainability – Ensure you have months of class plans. If the class only has a shelf life of 6 weeks it will fail.

    3.Document and write the programme – Every lesson plan, research information, suggested music, variations, dos and donts, scipts, presentation points etc. Think of a Les Mills launch or a monthly Zumba release from ZIN. Every last detail is contained in these releases and is key to the successful duplication of the programme.

    4.Film each release – You can upload this to a special members area of your website or create an Instructional DVD.

    5.Improvement – Listen to feedback and constantly evolve and update the programme.

    6. Build your TRIBE – Create a tribe/network of people who feel part of YOUR group. Instructors are proud to be part of ZIN, Boxercise or Les Mill Instructor or a member of C2GO.  Create a tribe identity and be a leader.

    7.If you would like the programme accredited contact REPS and Skills Active who will let you know the procedures and costings.

    8. Create systems, policies and procedures for your programme. Document this in your user manual.

    9.Road Map – Your manual should contain EVERYTHING a complete A – Z of your programme.

    BE DIFFERENT – Remember the world already has Zumba, Les Mills, Boxercise, Weight Watchers, Slimming World…….. create something unique, a niche market that isnt already being catered for.

    I am sure you arent stuck for ideas and you are more than likely running your own brilliant hybrid class the next step is to package and market it to the right group.

    Good Luck!

    Please comment below or use Twitter or Facebook to contact me with your feedback on this topic.

    Hugs and Love

    Rachel xxxxx

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